Can Decentraland enforce digital assets ownership?

Hi guys, one question about Decentraland data storage. If I understood correctly the white-paper, when a user publish a scene to Decentraland all the related assets (images, 3d models, audio etc) are uploaded to a decentralized content storage network (something like IPFS) that guarantees discoverability and persistence of digital assets. What I am missing in this puzzle is how Decentraland can prevent one user to use other user assets in its own scene since if I am not mistaken everything is publicly available on the content network. Let’s say for example user A owns 30 digital art NFTs and create an exhibition scene (maybe with an enter ticket to be paid in MANA), what prevents user B to fetch the same digital assets from the content network and make her own exhibition scene without user A permission? Even if blockchain guarantees NFTs ownership only to user A, that doesn’t guarantee that the NFT-linked digital assets can’t be used freely by other users without owner permission. Is this something that can have a solution with decentralized/peer-to-peer storage networks?

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