Can Decentraland enforce digital assets ownership?

Hi guys, one question about Decentraland data storage. If I understood correctly the white-paper, when a user publish a scene to Decentraland all the related assets (images, 3d models, audio etc) are uploaded to a decentralized content storage network (something like IPFS) that guarantees discoverability and persistence of digital assets. What I am missing in this puzzle is how Decentraland can prevent one user to use other user assets in its own scene since if I am not mistaken everything is publicly available on the content network. Let’s say for example user A owns 30 digital art NFTs and create an exhibition scene (maybe with an enter ticket to be paid in MANA), what prevents user B to fetch the same digital assets from the content network and make her own exhibition scene without user A permission? Even if blockchain guarantees NFTs ownership only to user A, that doesn’t guarantee that the NFT-linked digital assets can’t be used freely by other users without owner permission. Is this something that can have a solution with decentralized/peer-to-peer storage networks?


I’m also looking at this question. It seems that now the NFT frame in the builder shows a forbidden sign if the NFT isn’t owned in the wallet of the scene deployer. Anyway such a behaviour must be enforced to avoid legal issues in Decentraland. Many NFT artists mention in their license that the owner can only display their NFT in platforms checking ownership. Decentraland current documentation on NFTs | Decentraland Documentation doesn’t mention that ownership is enforced but I’ve recently made a test and it seems to enforce ownership. If someone is sure, please tell us more detail about this issue.