[DAO: QmSRMax] Decentraland scenes as NFTs: Should scenes also be NFTs that can be sold within the Decentraland marketplace?

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We propose that Decentraland scenes also become NFTs so that creators can monetise their work and also be rewarded for it.

The ultimate question this poll is trying to answer is: Who is building the Open Metaverse?

The current representation of the Metaverse remains empty. Stakeholders want to embrace the Metaverse, but they are faced with vast plots of land that remain empty. In addition, not every landowner can afford to purchase bespoke designs.

To keep users entertained, the Metaverse requires a lot of content. Virtual amusement parks, concerts, casinos, movie theaters, conferences, universities, etc. The Metaverse is a new area full of possibilities for architects/designers, as well as a new realm free of the limits of the physical world. This is evident in a lot of Decentraland building designs. For consumers who wish to gather one-of-a-kind assets, architects/designers can construct unique designs supported by NFT technology. Architects/designers can create digital assets such as cities, buildings, furniture, sculptures, point clouds, textures, and so on, and sell them to virtual worlds many times.

Architects/designers can now become content producers, leveraging their efforts for exponential development through Decentraland, similarly to how the marketplace works currently for land and wearables, while at the same time reaching out to potential consumers with excellent material, keeping them engaged, and growing Decentraland’s user base.

As a result, we’d want to pose the question to the current users of Decentraland and ask if scenes should also be NFTs, allowing architects who are now content creators to directly profit from the Decentraland Marketplace but also make them willing to sell their designs and embrace the platform. We also believe this will attract higher quality architects, designers, and content creators to Decentraland, so more buildings will be readily available for everyone to purchase and place on their land.

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  • No
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I think this is a great idea. We have a marketplace for land, wearables, and names, it would make sense to allow people to buy builds, no matter how small or how large. This could bring in a lot of money to the DAO with a publish fee, and potentially small fee tacked on for the committee that would ultimately need to approve these. I voted YES because I want to see DCL grow, and this seems like one of those no brainer steps.

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Thank you very much. We really appreciate the vote of confidence. From a lamp to a full-blown hotel! Anything could be monetised and become an NFT but ultimately this would push the quality of builds within Decentraland even higher.


I personally am struggling with finding high-quality buildings suitable for my Land at Decentraland. I am not a professional designer myself so I don’t have the skillset to create one myself. With the growing popularity of the Metaverses, I think it will be beneficial for us the users to be able to click easily and import already developed scenes (buildings) inside our Land parcels. It will improve the user experience a lot.
I am fully supporting the proposal above as I believe it will be beneficial to not only the users but to content creators as well!

We’re really excited about this oportunity as part of Renovi. We want to promote architecture and 3D design for the Metaverse and we believe this will attract more talent.

I think you make some excellent points here

Why shouldn’t. It’s Art as well. And people of course would like to just buy something ready instead of design it from scratch.

Yes I love this, didn’t think about the scale being that small, as far as a lamp goes, but when you think about it, it would be so cool to be able to buy smaller assets too!

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As a part of an architectural community, all I can say is that I fully agree with your Idea and vision.
It would be so much easier for Decentraland to onboard more creators. Metaverse architecture is the next big thing that is coming and I can see many architectures being interested in scene development!

All I am gonna say is this. Have you ever played SIMS? Most of the people spent their time building their dream houses. Purchasing furniture, exchanging it for better ones. Thats what could happen here. The open Metaverse could learn a trick or two from SIMS :smiley:

A fantastic proposition. Excited to partake as part of renovi.io opening new horizons for architects and 3d designers and enabling them to add value to the ever growing decentraland community and culture

Amazing idea! I am all in for supporting innovation related to Decentraland and open metaverse in general.

Apologies for not typing this out before, but I wanted to share why I voted no:

in theory it’s a good idea but i think there are a lot of issues in practice:

  • if the dao votes yes on this proposal as it is worded (ie that scenes become nfts at the decentraland level), that means it’s a change to the structure of how decentraland works and not a minor one. it’s likely just distracting as the foundation already has not enough devs to do the work on the roadmap. if this were a grant proposal for a third-party to build a marketplace/repository, i would be much more likely to support it.

  • scenes are complex and getting more complex - why not start with an asset marketplace? it would be wayyyy simpler to understand, build, use and market than full scenes. an asset marketplace could include a full building (without interactions) or even with simple interactions (doors that open and close, etc) and i think there’s probably more value in an asset marketplace built for DCL where the environment imposes a burden on the assets you are able to use

  • there’s no mention of DRM - tbh i don’t know exactly where i stand on it in this case, but it’s absolutely an issue with an idea like this that needs to be considered

@dax thank you, you’ve added a lot of rationale and clarity to some hurdles this may face, that I had not considered. I will say what I say next for context, is coming from a place of naiveté, as I do not have full transparency into what it takes to implement.

Regardless, I do think this function in the marketplace should exist within DCL, not external, to truly benefit the growth and progress of the platform and its communities. Future and long term benefit of this feature for the platform, I believe would outweigh the issues in implementation in the short term.

Maybe this would be in phasing this function to help elevate some of the concerns — making small individual assets available first i.e. lamps, then 1x1 builds, and then maybe larger estates and scenes, etc

And DRM yeah, I’m not sure the best way to go about this either, that’s really out of my knowledge.

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Hi Dax,

Thank you very much for commenting on the reasons you have voted No. Your points are valid, so I will expand on the rationale of this poll and what we want to propose to do in the future.

  • Indeed, in the following proposal, we suggest that our very own dev. team take this project on board and build it out. In this poll, we wanted to get a sentiment and will follow up with a lot more detail on our proposal.

  • Regarding your second point, this is exactly the feedback we are looking for, now and during our formal proposal from users of DCL. Suppose the scenes idea is too complex in the beginning. In that case, we can break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks, like building an asset marketplace and then exploring other possibilities.

  • I presume you are referring to Digital Rights Management, correct? It is quite a big topic, which we are happy to explore to protect both the artists/architects/creators and the buyers. On this topic, we will need to ask for both solicitor and creator advice and also analyse current Web2 projects that sell 3D assets to arrive at the correct conclusion.

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Hi ckbubbles, you’re right. This function should be part of DCL’s marketplace. In fact, in our full proposal that will follow this poll, we suggest our dev. team to build exactly that.

Regarding your second point on small individual assets, please take a look at the pictures below that creators have uploaded to our marketplace. Some creators want to design everything from the most minor assets to the most prominent estates.

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Decentraland scenes as NFTs: Should scenes also be NFTs that can be sold within the Decentraland marketplace?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 80% 3,950,860 VP (21 votes)
  • No 20% 1,005,006 VP (5 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 0% 0 VP (0 votes)
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This sounds really great!
This will definitely motivate architects to create and explore the possibilities of metaarchitecture. Look forward to see the new category in the marketplace.

Decentraland scenes as NFTs: Should scenes also be NFTs that can be sold within the Decentraland marketplace?

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

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Hi everyone. From Poll to Proposal. Find our full proposal here in which we build from your feedback and improve on it: