[DAO: bafkrei] Make Decentraland Buildings/3D assets NFTs that can be added to the builder

by 0xc70650c50487853ed6ff692945cd05a446a95536 (RenoviTeam)

Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Renovi is a niche NFT marketplace and content creation studio for architecture/3D design.

Our goal is to allow DCL-compatible NFT assets that are on marketplaces to be available on the DCL builder.

This will allow creators to monetise their works, even if they do not own land while users can purchase/utilise the assets on their respective parcels.

Similar to how wearables grew in popularity as seen during fashion week, we believe that the next step would be for buildings/furniture.

This was validated by an ever-growing community of builders who participated in the https://topmetaversebuild.com which was hosted in DCL, One Time Square of which the foundation donated a land parcel as part of the prizes (NTMB Awards Video.mp4 - Google Drive).

Grant size

120,000 USD

Beneficiary address


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The ultimate question Renovi is trying to answer is “Who is building the Metaverse?”

“Metaverse does not come from any industry giant, but the crystallisation of millions of people’s co-creation,” says Epic CEO Tim Sweeney. This is what DCL set out to do, co-create the Metaverse, but believe there can be more contributors to the Metaverse puzzle.

Our guiding compass is to encourage architecture in the Metaverse and to develop a new economic model for architects/3D designers in the process of architecting the Metaverse. With an active influx of high-quality buildings to DCL there will be more experiences for users rather than vast areas of barren land. We are also confident that monthly user adoption and user-generated events will also rise. For such a task to occur we need to revolutionise the way the marketplace, builder and SDK currently operate.

Renovi believes that to build further, more complex and enticing experiences within DCL the correct stakeholders need to be rewarded for creating. This implies that high-quality, professional architects/3D designers but also upcoming talent needs to be interested and more importantly motivated to create for the Metaverse.

Architects/3D Designers can now break their real-life moulds and find new monetary avenues by leveraging their efforts for exponential development through DCL.

Following on from our successful poll “Decentraland scenes as NFTs: Should scenes also be NFTs that can be sold within the Decentraland marketplace?” (Link: Decentraland scenes as NFTs: Should scenes also be NFTs that can be sold within the Decentraland marketplace?) we have taken onboard the feedback from the various stakeholders and revised our approach to offer a better solution.

We aim to create cross-platform compatible 3D asset NFTs from Renovi Marketplace to DCL. We want to create a seamless experience in which a creator can upload a 3D asset in Renovi Marketplace (or any other marketplace) and put it for sale. Consequently the buyer of that 3D asset now an NFT will be able to navigate directly from the marketplace to the DCL builder in which they can find the asset as a new asset pack. Within a few clicks, they should be able to place the asset on their land and if further alterations are required they can download the scene so it can be altered on the SDK.

To achieve this we will integrate the Renovi marketplace to DCL by building part of the DCL API links so that 3D assets are compatible and can be presented in the builder as long as they belong to the respective user’s wallet. This will enable us to automate the current procedure. Currently, the buyer of a 3D asset needs to download it and reupload it to the builder while at the same time there is no clear way of ensuring they are the owners of that building as an NFT. We will offer a single, simple streamlined solution for DCL.

As part of giving back to the community, we will also need to ensure that there is API compatibility between DCL products and Renovi Marketplace or any other marketplace. We want to make it possible that everyone who purchases a 3D asset as an NFT that is compatible with DCL can connect their wallet, navigate to the builder of DCL and be able to find the respective 3D asset as an external asset pack that can be placed on their land.

Our goal is to automate the implementation pipeline, and indirectly add buildings as NFTs into DCL by opening up the builder and its capabilities to a wider audience.

Website: https://renovi.io

Discord: Renovi

Twitter: https://bit.ly/3P3MNn2


How can we achieve this?

To achieve a technical specification of this magnitude, we will need to carefully craft and technically architect each stage of our infrastructure and execution. This will entail developing an API, which we will label as the “industry standard” prototype for interoperable communication. Developing a standard will be subject to outlining in full, all parameters that are currently present within DCL technical ecosystem. E.g. project name, parcel type, parcel dimensions, file type, price, chain, triangles, materials, meshes, bodies, entities and textures etc.

This will be followed by documentation, enabling a user to educate themselves on creating GET/POST requests to and from the Renovi and DCL ecosystems. All API calls will be open and provided to the public to interact with. We will allow users to obtain authentication mechanisms in the form of bearer tokens, from us, which can be invoked/revoked at any time, to facilitate the usage of our API. Upon integration and authentication, with industry standards, the user will be able to interact with the API to either fetch, embed, post, and/or utilise all the parameters available for each Metaverse asset.

At MVP stages, these interactions will bypass through a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) built on NodeJS and/or equivalent, as this enables us to interact with the blockchain using web3 infrastructure. Once an API request is authenticated and a user has posted their metaverse asset for approval, their user ID, wallet ID and asset ID will be manually (at first) approved and sent to the DCL builder. The CMS will enable any admin to utilise the CRUD convention (Create, Read, Edit, Delete) along with import/exporting any assets needed, to open communication lines between the CMS and the DCL builder. This could function in a similar way to approving DCL wearables.

Some of our previous work creating for DCL



Jacob Papageorgiou - CTO/ Co-Founder of Renovi together with a team of 6 talented full-stack web, DevOps, blockchain engineers and 2 UIUX Designers under his management will be able to execute these goals promptly.


In the last decade, Jacob has led teams in the U.S and U.K and has worked alongside developers of the likes of TransferWise & Revolut.

He’s been a Technical Advisor to Blockchain and Private Equity startups and has led tech teams with clients of the likes of Nike, Vodafone, Adidas, National Lottery, Gordon Ramsay and UCL.

He has been a fellow educator for Brixton-based code camps and global leading tech boot camp Le Wagon, before founding Mojo Digital of which he has a client base of over 300 web applications/sites to date before co-founding Renovi.

Additionally, he’s been on the board of Coin Mara, an African Startup as a Technical Architect, that raised over $30M from Coinbase Ventures, Huobi and more.

Roadmap and milestones

Create a cross-platform connection for 3D assets that are NFTs from Renovi Marketplace to DCL.

Rebuild part of Decentraland’s existing builder so that 3D Assets that are NFTs can flow directly from marketplaces to the DCL builder.

40K 4 months

Build an API layer of communication enabling the user to transfer NFTs from a marketplace to a DCL builder.

34K 3 months

Ensure API compatibility between DCL products, Renovi Marketplace but also other marketplaces such as Opensea. This in the future can allow Decentraland products to act as a dynamic RSS feed, enabling any NFTs bought and validated with the category “Buildings” (for example) to be showcased within DCL’s builder.

26K 2 months

A user that uploads a GLTF file for example on Renovi Marketplace can currently input “Compatible on Decentraland”, this would set a boolean value to True, and ping a GET request to the Decentraland API. Upon request, a dashboard can be created for both Decentraland and RNVI admins, to approve and therefore port over any assets from RENOVI to Decentraland with the click of one button (after setting the boolean values to TRUE).

20K 3 months

Implement security measures for API endpoints and documentation, so both parties can access a JSON-like structure for the NFTs and open communication lines for API calls

Total estimated cost: $120K
Total estimated delivery time: 12 months

We believe that our project complies with the Decentraland Content Policy, Terms of Use, and Code of Ethics.

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Our goal is to allow DCL-compatible NFT assets that are on marketplaces to be available on the DCL builder.

The builder is unmaintained and wildly out-of-date with the SDK so using that as the base of a proposal doesn’t make sense for me

I find your proposal really interesting. In my opinion, if the Renovi team successfully builds what is proposed, it will significantly benefit the whole Decentraland Ecosystem.
I can see that you have some talented individuals in your community, already developing NFTs for the metaverses. I wish you all the best with the project and the proposal!

maybe someone should propose making it uptodate?

It’s something that’s been discussed in the SDK channel of the discord - resources are going into building up the SDK and that is being developed at a very fast pace - however the builder is already so far behind the current SDK that it no longer makes sense to maintain because it would have to first be brought up to date.

AFAIK DCL Edit is set to become the de facto solution for non-technical deployment, but i think that has some time to go before it happens.

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great idea but not execution

We find DCL edit really interesting. I would be happy to arrange a call and discuss this further. Check twitter. :innocent:

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I am not involved with them, but you can visit their discord here:

Thank you. We have reached out to them. it would be really good to explore synergies.

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I have noticed that you have voted No on this proposal and referenced DCL edit as a solution, but I also noticed that on a similar proposal before you have voted Yes and did not made reference to DCL edit.

what are you referring to?

its unfortunate that the native non-technical builder is going to be outpaced by a 3rd party solution. the point you make on the builder being so far behind is valid, but if that is the case that we’d be wasting time putting bandaids on a broken system, a new platform native system should be developed. for about the past year we’ve been told this will be the in-world builder, however the inworld builder is just as much a half baked solution as the current builder on the site is.

the reality is most players on DCL are non technical and yet as a platform we have chosen to expend the most resources catering to a small percentage of our user base. If this is not changed and more focus placed on creating a “sims like” builder for the average user which truly works, other competing platforms will have quite an advantage in capturing our user base if they can make a building creation tool. as an example, the sandbox dev builder is already worlds ahead of what dcl has built.

oh look another metazone.io want to be.

I think this would evolve the Decentraland ecosystem and bring more value to everyone. The biggest problem right now is that designers and architects have no way of bringing their 3D assets into the Metaverse and by voting for this and allowing Renovi to build this, they would act as a bridge of 3D assets into Decentraland (as NFTs) and add more value to the entire ecosystem. This is a no-brainer YES vote for me and should be for everyone! There is no down-side here…

Actually a huge downside considering it would not be native to decentraland itself and would be third party hosted. Something like this should be front page clickable to buy assets to place on your land on the decentraland page itself.

There should be no need for a third party market where you go somewhere and buy it then import it. These people are literally asking for money to build a website because the current team is failing to offer a way to do this. Thats fine if you want to pay someone. Like I said tho to create another metazone.io of the sort no thanks. Personally feel the dao should make its own market place for people to do this inside its own browser not paying a third party. No different then buying files off opensea or the market places that already exists. Would be a lot better to see them on the front page under wearables and land and have the ability to buy and deploy to your land. They could also add in lease timed amounts for builds.

Most voters here probably also wont consider once a team gets the funds to build this they can literally change focus later in development to there own brand and ditch dcl or abandon it with little resolve. Also lets bring up this will they gatekeep creators whats gonna be the criteria for uploading items for sale. Is this anyone can join the site and list or something like superrare where you will need a invite. Do any of you all know these people directly or have you even seen them immersed in the community or are they just devs and builders who want funds.

“We aim to create cross-platform compatible 3D asset NFTs from Renovi Marketplace to DCL. We want to create a seamless experience in which a creator can upload a 3D asset in Renovi Marketplace (or any other marketplace) and put it for sale. Consequently the buyer of that 3D asset now an NFT will be able to navigate directly from the marketplace to the DCL builder in which they can find the asset as a new asset pack.”

Make Decentraland Buildings/3D assets NFTs that can be added to the builder.

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 2% 63,297 VP (25 votes)
  • No 98% 2,794,440 VP (16 votes)