[DAO: QmSRMax] Decentraland scenes as NFTs: Should scenes also be NFTs that can be sold within the Decentraland marketplace?

Hi. We would really like your feedback on this.

While I appreciate the sentiment and the possibility of some of the development cost being farmed to a 3rd party like Renovi, I’m not sure this type of change should be integrated by an outside party but rather be a natively developed feature if it is desired by the community.

I also have some hesitancy around this being completed by Renovi and using the Next Top Metaverse contest as an example for what “could be” when the majority of the buildings created in this contest could in no way actually function in any existing metaverse worlds, specifically Decentraland. It would seem many Metaverse architects don’t have the correct concept of how platform requirements are as important as aesthetics and fear this lack of understanding could exist within the Renovi team as well. Building assets for Architecture and building assets for gaming are two very different things. As it stands, using the builds on Renovi an example of a platform for land owners to find easily integrated assets is misleading. Can you provide a successful use case of someone purchasing an asset on Renovi and using it in their Decentraland build? How do you expect to enforce platform standards when you have not done so on your own site?

Full disclosure, its also personally discouraging that furniture I created above (the Modern Cealing Light and Walnut Desk Chair) is being used to show how Renovi now see’s value in smaller platform functional assets based on community interest, when all the prizes awarded were to users who essentially created concept art due to the fact that none of their builds could be loaded into Decentraland, perhaps not even usable in something like Mozilla Hubs or Spatial. The lack of experience with the Decentraland platform was also apparent in the poorly functioning award ceremony which after 2 months of selecting the winners, was just a semi-functioning video screen in the existing one times square.

Overall I really hoped to see Renovi succeed, but proposing this kind of integration with DCL when you haven’t even polished your own platform just seems like a cash/user base grab. Renovi could easily solve the same problem on its own platform if it enforced more accurate platform standards where you could feel confident an asset labeled “for Decentraland” would actually function in Decentraland. I wish you the best, but this concept needs much rethinking on the capabilities of your team and value Renovi would actually provide in executing this vison were it to pass.