[DAO:2ff39d7] Scene Templates: Enhancing Decentraland's Builder Experience

by 0x7d8391a9d2199b3afa76e7824164503bb2fcc4bd (ClarkKent)

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In June of 2023, the Decentraland team unveiled the promising new “Templates” feature of the builder, which gives creators with little 3D experience a great starting point from which they can customize a fully functioning scene. However, there are currently only 3 templates available and they are all tailored to larger 32 or 64 parcel estates, hindering builders working with single parcels or smaller estates. Our solution? Introduce six diverse, hosting-focused templates to cater to both single parcels and smaller estates including galleries, homes, offices, theaters, and entertainment venues, each equipped with smart items for enhanced interactivity.

Learn more about Apollo Entertainment: DocSend

Grant size

20,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


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Decentraland, as an evolving metaverse platform, thrives on the community’s ability to create unique and engaging virtual experiences. The “Template” feature, introduced in June of 2023 to facilitate the building process, is a very promising new feature as it gives creators with little 3D experience a great starting point from which they can customize a fully functioning scene.

Yet, its potential remains untapped due to the limited templates available, especially for single parcels and smaller estates. Currently, there are just 3 templates available catering to 32 and 64 parcel estates. The vast majority of builders, especially those just starting their Decentraland journey, often work with single parcels or smaller estates. This discrepancy means a significant portion of the community misses out on the benefits of the “Template” feature.

Our solution is straightforward but impactful. We are seeking funding to create six diverse templates focused on displaying NFTs and hosting events (two of the most common activities for community members in Decentraland). These templates will range across 2 different parcel sizes and will serve as a starting point for the development of future templates if these templates are well received.

1 Parcel Templates

  • Art Gallery: An elegant event space for community members to host guests and showcase their NFTs for sale or otherwise.
  • Home: A place for community members to display their NFTs and entertain guests.
  • Club/Bar/Music Venue: A small lively space for entertainment and social gatherings.

4 Parcel Templates

  • Art Gallery: A larger venue to display collections or host art events.
  • Theater: Perfect for screenings or presentations.
  • Club/Bar/Music Venue: A lively space for entertainment and social gatherings.

Each template will come equipped with smart items, ensuring they’re not just visually appealing but also functional, especially for event hosting. The incorporation of smart items will provide builders the tools they need to make their spaces interactive and engaging.

The goal of this project will be to further democratize the building process in Decentraland. By catering to both new and experienced builders, we will be working to ensure that everyone, regardless of their resources, can kickstart their creations with a solid foundation. This initiative aligns with Decentraland’s ethos of community-driven content and will drive user engagement, creativity, and satisfaction.

Why Apollo? For the last six years, our 25 person team has been working with creators and brands to develop unique content for the decentralized metaverse with a specialization in metaverse architecture and gaming. In Decentraland, we have built and hosted numerous events at the Satoshiverse Headquarters and worked with the Decentraland Foundation to release the FIRST linked wearables collection. Our team is led by Nick Frontera (DCL Name: Clark Kent) who has been a member of the DCL community since 2017 and has deep passion for and knowledge about Decentraland.

To learn more about Apollo Entertainment including our team, capabilities, and past projects, please refer to this presentation: DocSend

Roadmap and milestones

Month 1: Conceptualization, Design and Modeling

Week 1-2:

  • Initial brainstorming and gathering of community feedback on desired template themes.

  • Design 1 Parcel Templates.

  • Design 4 Parcel Templates.

Week 3-4:

  • Begin 3D modeling for the 1 Parcel Templates.

  • Begin 3D modeling for 4 Parcel Templates.

Month 2: Modeling and Scene Creation

Week 1-2:

  • Create scenes including the integration of smart items for 1 Parcel Templates.

  • Finalize 3D modeling for the 4 Parcel Templates.

Week 3-4:

  • Finalize Scenes for 1 Parcel Templates.

  • Create scenes including the integration of smart items for 4 Parcel Templates.

Month 3: Testing, Finalization, and Launch

Week 1-2:

  • Finalize Scenes for 4 Parcel Templates.

  • Conduct internal testing for the 1 and 4 Parcel Templates and make necessary adjustments.

Week 3-4:

  • Continue testing and refinement of 1 and 4 Parcel Templates.

  • Work with DCL Foundation to add templates to Templates Library.

  • Throughout the project duration, we will maintain an open channel of communication with the Decentraland community. Regular updates will be posted on our progress.

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I may not be from Missouri, but still, Show ME! Nothing on the website shows any proof of work. Correct me if I am wrong. Says a lot about what you say you can do but that is all.

Hi Existential14. Thanks for the comment.

The best place to find consolidated information about our experience building in the metaverse is the Presentation we included in the proposal: DocSend

Specifically, the production reel highlights many of our past projects with several brands and creators (albeit many of these were outside Decentraland: https://youtu.be/0dUOgX9fzUQ

We are also the team behind Satoshiverse and the Satoshi’s Legions game which we have spent the last two years building: https://twitter.com/Satoshiverse_io

You can check out the latest alpha video here to see some of the work we have done: https://x.com/Satoshiverse_io/status/1704989412734427635?s=20

Regarding Decentraland Specifically. I personally have been a member of the community for a very long time, but the studio has worked on a few different things in DCL.

The first is the work we did with the DCL Foundation to create the first linked wearables collection including working closely with the team on all the back end functionality. You can learn more about the initiative here: Satoshiverse: The First Linked Wearables in Decentraland

We also created our Satoshiverse Headquarters in Decentraland (although much of the functionality and texturing within is being updated because of changes to the game client): Decentraland

Please let me know if you have any other questions. We are excited to get much more involved in building inside Decentraland and feel this is a meaningful first step.

Voting YES because it’s crazy to release 3 templates and only for SDK 6… I need templates for the newest SDK 7

Ok, my apologies. The DOCSEND still doesnt show examples but if all in the video you created is a different story. I forget what I thought the problem was with the video cause I did watch it, but maybe only as far as the Pepsi part and thought it was just a commercial. I don’t recall for sure though. I have seen the Satoshiverse in world. I am disappointed though (not your fault) as I thought I had heard that Woodies were the first so I had to buy one. Now I guess ill have to look into a Satoshiverse. I will revise my vote if it is still open. Thank you.

Scene Templates: Enhancing Decentraland’s Builder Experience

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