[DAO: bafkrei] Direct integration with 3D NFT marketplace for scenes and assets MetaMundo

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The aim is to build a fully functional integration between the MetaMundo marketplace and Decentraland to enable new and existing 3D creators to drive user adoption and engagement in Decentraland by populating it more efficiently with 3D assets. This will benefit 3D creators, landowners and Decentraland users altogether.

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115,000 USD

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There is a huge opportunity to improve monthly active users with an active inflow of high quality scenes. Making sure there is more to do and to see, is possible by helping 3D creators get their scenes into Decentraland with less friction, enabling more building. If Decentraland is able to attract more new users by more easily deploying new experiences, it will strengthen it’s position as one of the leading platforms in the metaverse.

MetaMundo recently launched as a dedicated 3D NFT marketplace for metaverse scenes and assets. Our aim is to onboard our existing network of 16,000 plus high quality and experienced 3D modelers, architects and designers to help build experiences, scenes and assets for the metaverse. This network comes from the team and their previous companies. MetaMundo’s vision is to remove the major inefficiencies for creating metaverse scenes and assets and ​​make it very easy for creators to publish engaging content ready to use in Decentraland through their 3D model conversion and optimisation pipelines delivered to the DCL end user with just a few clicks.

Our intention is to build a seamless integration between the MetaMundo marketplace and the Decentraland SDK so that 3D scene and asset collectors can be easily deployed to their land without friction. The integration will bring a high quality 3D NFT marketplace on board as a partner organization to easily supply scenes to Decentraland and drive traffic, engagement and retention. Our mission with this is to help to populate Decentraland with engaging content at a much faster rate and enable artists to list and sell their creations on a much larger scale. The MetaMundo platform integration will also function as an active onramp for new 3D artists into Decentraland.

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To develop a seamless deployment solution, it’s important to describe and breakdown how MetaMundo supports 3D creators to optimize and mint their models into 3D NFTs optimized for Decentraland. The first two parts of the process are focused on model processing and configuration. With the artwork and the interactions configured, the final part of the process is to integrate assets into Decentraland via the Builder. We’re planning to deliver a seamless experience by passing all the configurations and artwork defined prior to import directly into a user’s Scene, ready to deploy to their LAND.

We will start with integrating the MetaMundo marketplace with DCL via API to work directly with the Builder and DCL SDK. This will enable us to automate all the steps that are currently required from the user, like importing and configuration, and turn this into a single, more streamlined flow directly from the MetaMundo marketplace.

Our servers we will store a safe backup of all the files acquired by the user. These servers will help us configure the files in the cloud enabling easier deployment of the data defined from the MetaMundo platform. Data will be sent between the server, the client and marketplace using traditional data requisition and JSON data transfer for complex data, and sensitive content will be secured under wallet validation using Web3 standards.

We plan to develop a library of interactions and ready-to-use features and plug-ins, built entirely in Typescript/Javascript to make it easier to interact with the DCL SDK. This way we can abstract part of the development work, and this layer will ensure we automate manual processes like positioning and configuring sub systems from the NFT. We’ll create a complete building system using cloud infrastructure with CI to ensure we can automatically test, run and iterate with assets under development.

Our goal is to automate the model processing pipeline. It will go from high-fidelity 3D file to a DCL optimized version, we will create plugins for leading 3D software (Python scripts will be adapted for each software) that will have a faster iteration process, along with a complete CI system helping artists to validate their 3D work in the Decentraland environment without any friction (enabling a preview build easily from Blender and 3ds Max).

Here are a few examples of interactive scenes by popular artists like Dutchtide, LuisFern5 and Mila Lolli that MetaMundo has helped optimize for use in Decentraland:


Mark - Co-founder - Serial tech entrepreneur - launched multiple platforms to empower architects, designers and creators. Background in architecture and design. LinkedIn

F9nn - Co-founder - Tech entrepreneur & product leader with 10+ years experience building impactful platforms. Former Product Lead at Booking.com. LinkedIn

Yair - 3D modeler & conversion specialist - 10+ years experience. LinkedIn

Ricardo - Unity & Game Engineer - 6+ years experience as a developer at Samsung working on VR and AR projects. LinkedIn

Nitesh - Front-end Engineer - 10+ years experience in development. Previously Booking.com, Morgan Stanley, Cognizant. LinkedIn

Bernardo - Tech Lead - 15+ years developing marketplaces and ecommerce platforms. Formerly Mollie, OLX, Accenture. LinkedIn

Tobi - Creative Director - 10+ years designing digital experiences. Previously Booking.com & Adidas. LinkedIn

Roadmap and milestones

TS/JS Decentraland Abstraction Library (1 Month) The library will have a lot of abstractions and automations to make it faster and easier to include interactions, features and to integrate with the DCL SDK.

DCL Builder Integrations (3/4 Weeks) This tool will be a smart bridge to connect our client and server sides with the Builder to automate importing and configuring steps. This will require a robust API to be able to directly integrate with Decentraland internal systems.

DCL Emulation System (1 Month) This step will emulate Decentraland using the native SDK and validate requirements to make sure it will be running in the best way possible. It will also make it possible to iterate faster by enabling everything to be tested without the need of manual export and import in the builder.

3D File Conversion Pipeline (3/4 weeks) Development of an 3D file conversion pipeline that will take master .FBX, .USD, or .OBJ files from creators and convert these files and optimize it into a DCL friendly .GLB file format ready to use immediately within DCL. This conversion pipeline will consider limitations such as size, poly count, materials, DCL Colliders, dimensions, land size constraints and components that are not supported in DCL.

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I love the way this project is presented, and I think you are hitting the nail on the head by helping Decentraland to make the integration of scenarios and assets less frictionless. The roadmap looks solid and well thought out, I wish you success in your projection.

Direct integration with 3D NFT marketplace for scenes and assets MetaMundo

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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