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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Create a task force to develop and maintain a public registry of individuals and organizations offering their services to build content on Decetraland’s platform. The goal is to provide trusted information to brands coming into the space looking for talented builders who can help with events production, wearables making, 3d modeling, and SDK programming.

This is a revised version of a previous grant proposal.

Grant size

49,200 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



As the Metaverse concept goes mainstream there are more brands coming into the space willing to build a presence in Decentraland. However, creating 3D content can be a daunting task and most organizations will prefer to hire experienced professionals.

Decentraland creators are one of the most valuable audiences Decentraland has at this point. It’s critical to provide them a platform to promote their services, become more visible, get new clients and grow into a sustainable business.

Making a public and official registry of Verified Partners will promote transparency between brands and creators. This initiative aims to democratize access to qualified suppliers and generate new business opportunities for them.

The goal of this project is to survey all creators in Decentraland’s community and list them in a public registry of creators, the Verified Partners Registry. Freelancers and studios alike will be classified based on their info and the services they provide. The registry will be curated by a team, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the information displayed.

These services are already being offered and requested on other platforms such as fiverr.com and freelancer.com, which is great validation that the market exists. This project aims to support the growth of the industry with a dedicated registry of professionals in this industry, which is free and open to use.


This grant will set up a budget to run this team for the next 6 months. This grant could be extended upon a further decision of the DAO if the grant succeeds its objectives.

The proposed Verified Parters Registry will be implemented under the same non-profit foundation created for the DAO Governance Squad. This foundation provides a flexible vehicle to manage a budget with autonomy while still giving authority to the DAO to steer its direction.

The grant will be provided as a vesting contract of stablecoins assigned to a 2-out-of-3 signatures wallet. The key holders are Alejandro Escoda, Yemel Jardi and maraoz in their respective capacity as Squad Member, DAO Committee Member and Trusted Community Member.

The public registry will first launch as a dedicated page in Decentraland’s documentation site, a testing version of it is already available here. Once a substantial number of providers are included the team migrate the directory to its own domain for a richer experience (searching, filtering, applying and more).

The criteria to include a partner in the registry shouldn’t be a matter of taste, but instead a list of verifications about the partner company and the services they claim to provide. Making sure they are correctly classified under different categories/filters. On top of that a layer of reviews from clients could increase transparency and be signal of quality.


Total Hours: ~240 monthly hours or ~60 weekly hours.

Budget: $8,200 USD per month or a total of $49,200 USD

  • Team compensation: $43,200 USD
  • Operational budget: $6,000 USD

Roadmap and milestones

August - Bootstrapping the registry

  • Design interview and verification process.
  • Define a strategy to source potential partners and set up inbound request flow.
  • Initiate interview process for partners providing Wearable Creation, Architecture, and SDK Development.

September - Iteration of the process

  • Review the results, evaluate improvements and automation opportunities.
  • Initiate interview process for partners providing Event Production and Full Cycle Production.

October - Complete the registry

  • Explore the addition of new service categories (e.g. animation, audio, land rental).
  • Produce a report of “Metaverse Workers”, a summary of the collected info.

November - Migrate to its own site

  • Define requirements to migrate the registry enabling a richer user experience.
  • Prototype the new version of the registry.

December - Launch new registry

  • Set up in production the new version of the registry.
  • Announcement and support for new onboarding flows.

January - Maintenance

  • Documentation of the process to maintain the registry functional.
  • New release of the Metaverse Workers report.

By the end of this project, this team will have a complete mapping of the industry’s experts and a trusted tool to browse them. This project should be a platform for new creators jumping into the industry and a key resource for organizations looking for a partner to build content inside Decentraland.

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Hey Yemel hope you are well!

Just have a couple of questions.
Will this registry be available for every project to apply to? if not , what will be the Minimum requirements for a project to be able to apply?

I know you may have subtly answered in the this paragraph:

“The criteria to include a partner in the registry shouldn’t be a matter of taste, but instead a list of verifications about the partner company and the services they claim to provide. Making sure they are correctly classified under different categories/filters. On top of that a layer of reviews from clients could increase transparency and be signal of quality.”

But I just make sure before I vote that this will not be used to gatekeep and that all projects will be welcomed with minimal barriers to entry.

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Hi @SinfulMeatStick,

Thanks for commenting. I’m happy to answer :slight_smile:

By the end of this project, the registry should be a welcoming platform for new creators. A minimum verification (like email) will be required to prevent spammy accounts.

Creators must complete their profile in order to be listed in the registry. They can optionally provide more information to verify parts of their profile, such as their identity, location, phone, social accounts, etc).

For the usability of the registry, creators should be listed under categories of services. It’s important to make visible the difference between a creator who has a experience in a particular area (eg. wearable making) and someone who just got started. This can be done by linking a portfolio and and collecting reviews from clients.

I believe the Freelancer.com approach is worth checking, below is a screenshot of a profile with its relevant data, verifications, and certifications. They use their reputation metrics to rank freelancers in a search.

I hope this answers your questions about the eligibility of creators.

Kind regards,


Verified Partners Registry

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 3,231,736 VP (60 votes)
  • No 1% 53,804 VP (6 votes)
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Verified Partners Registry

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

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Hello Decentraland Community!

Decentraland Studios project has achieved its main objectives of setting up a user-friendly website, establishing verification processes, and connecting with the talented creators of Decentraland. Our goal is to support the growth of the creative industry and to facilitate valuable connections between creators and brands. Thanks to our team efforts, over the past 7 months, we have successfully onboarded over 150 studios and helped them showcase their skills and expertise through our platform.

We have published a final update in the grant page summarizing our KPIs and the milestones accomplished, check it out here.

Moving forward, we are eager to continue our work by renewing our grant and expanding our reach, creating even more job opportunities for creators and improving the visibility of their work. We remain committed to supporting the creative community and look forward to contributing to its continued success. Here is the link to our grant renewal: Decentraland Studios (aka Verified Partners Registry) — Grant Renewal

Thank you for your support!