[DAO:69fe90a] Bridging the Gap: SDK 7 Templates for Decentraland Worlds

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Our project aims to create essential scene templates compatible with Decentraland’s SDK 7. With experience in developing templates for SDK 6 (art gallery and space, exchange, night club, clothing store and stall), our team at Mere is well-prepared to address this pressing need. These templates will simplify the world-building process and provide a smooth transition for both new and existing Decentraland users, fostering a more vibrant and accessible metaverse.

Grant size

13,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


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Before reading a lot of text about Decentraland having a problem with assets and scene templates. Look at examples of our templates for SDK 6: Decentraland. Grant proposal - Google Docs

Our project is all about making the Decentraland platform more user-friendly and accessible. Here’s why it’s so important and why we believe it deserves funding.

As Decentraland moves from SDK 6 to SDK 7, there’s a big problem: the lack of easy-to-use templates for creating virtual worlds in this new environment. This project is focused on fixing that issue, and it will bring several benefits to Decentraland and its community. We offers not too big scene templates which is easy to use and customize. We are talking about 2x2 and 3x3

Firstly, it’s about helping users. With SDK 6 support ending, everyone, whether they’re already Decentraland veterans or newcomers, faces a steep learning curve to adapt to the new technology. The absence of SDK 7 templates makes it even harder. This can discourage potential creators and slow down the platform’s growth. We ourselves faced the problem that some objects are missing in the new SDK, for example imageFromUrl which is crucial for customizing.

Our project will provide a library of SDK 7 templates for different virtual world scenarios, like art galleries, digital exchanges, nightclubs, market stalls, and creative art spaces. These templates will be like ready-made blueprints, so even if you’re not super tech-savvy, you can create and customize your virtual worlds quickly. It’s all about nurturing creativity and making participation easy.

But it’s not just about individuals; this project benefits the entire Decentraland community. By simplifying the process of building virtual worlds, we’ll encourage more people to create content. This, in turn, will attract more users and make the platform more appealing. The availability of these templates will also make it more attractive for businesses to invest in Decentraland by offering a cost-effective way to build immersive, branded virtual spaces. That’s our aim as a startup looking into integration businesses into Decentraland Metaverse

Thank you for any kind of support!

Roadmap and milestones

Milestone 1: Project Initiation. Week 1

  • finalizing template selections. Approximately 6 scenes
  • update project plan based on discussion with community

Milestone 2: Template Design and Development. Weeks 2-6

  • design and development of SDK 7 templates, with a focus on art galleries, clothing shops, digital exchanges, nightclubs, market stalls, and creative art spaces

Bonus: Christmas World as a gift to community

Milestone 3: Beta Testing and Feedback. Weeks 7-9

  • release a beta version of the templates, actively seeking feedback from the Decentraland community

Milestone 4: Template Finalization. Weeks 10-11

  • based on community feedback, we will make final adjustments to the templates to ensure compatibility with SDK 7

Milestone 5: Official Release. Week 12

  • publishing

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why? Could u pls tell me why everyone votes NO?

these already exist. I and many others have contributed open source code and builds which can be found at studios.decentraland.org

Bridging the Gap: SDK 7 Templates for Decentraland Worlds

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 142 VP (26 votes)
  • No 98% 9,145,781 VP (69 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 11,469 VP (7 votes)