[DAO: QmU3AKM] Create a marketplace for scenes and 3D glb files

by 0x6fe1a56c978c1b66e97c2ae9b0cfd29e6483d040 (AnthonySims)

Should DCL create an addition to the marketplace where we can sell assets and builder scenes via NFTs with downloadable .glb/.zip files?

In the Decentraland we already have a ghost market for scene files and asset files.

Therefore, it would be better long term for DCL to build out a marketplace for these types of assets so that builders and creators can pay to list - then sell editions similar to wearables. They decide if its unique, mythic, rare, etc. We see this market in DCL competitors like Cryptovoxels already.

I have purchased sculptures for my voxel museum but I have to find and request artist or creators to make .glb files that are not NFTs to put in my DCL scenes. This type of market could open up DCL to a new world of creation. New trees, cars, buildings, walls, the whole game would enter a boom of development if we give creators the place to showcase their talents.

Great opportunity for sculpture artists, architects, and anyone who knows blender.

  • Yes we need a scene/asset marketplace.
  • No we should continue to sell via ghost market.
  • Invalid question/options

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This already exists with https://metazone.io/ which are a trusted part of the community.
They already have a marketplace and tools created for buying and selling user generated scenes that can be deployed in world.

Create a marketplace for scenes and 3D glb files.

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