[DAO:8bba58d] Expansion of Marketplace Offerings with 3D Everyday and Decorative Items

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As Decentraland continues to evolve and cater to the varied needs of its user base, there arises an opportunity to further enrich our digital realm by integrating 3D everyday and decorative items. This proposal aims to gauge the community’s interest in expanding the marketplace’s current offerings to include 3D items such as furniture, outdoor items, everyday items, and builds. These could be submitted like a wearable and given a rarity.

Proposal Details:

Types of items that could be added. This is just to give an idea of what could be added. Yes, there are free items in the repository but not much for everyday items and this will allow creators to sell these. With the difficulty level of building in Decentraland currently, this would make it much easier, and they would be optimized for DCL as well.

Furniture: Introduction of a wide range of 3D furniture items like sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets, and decorative items that users can use to furnish their virtual spaces.

Outdoor Items: Offering items such as fountains, benches, garden decor, playground equipment, and more to beautify exterior virtual landscapes.

Everyday Items: Incorporation of items like electronic gadgets, kitchenware, books, and other daily utility items to add realism and depth to the virtual environment.

Builds: Addition of pre-made structures like houses, commercial spaces, recreational centers, and more that can be easily deployed within Decentraland.

Potential Benefits:

User Engagement: Enhanced customization options can lead to increased user engagement and longer dwell times within Decentraland.

Monetization Opportunities: Expansion of the marketplace can lead to additional avenues for creators to monetize their skills and for Decentraland to generate revenue.

•    Realism & Depth: Adding more everyday items can make virtual spaces feel more real, lived-in, and relatable, increasing the overall immersion experience.

Questions for the Community:

Should the addition of 3D everyday and decorative items be added to the marketplace?
Are there specific items or categories you’d like to see prioritized in such an expansion?
Do you foresee any challenges or issues with the integration of these 3D items into the Decentraland ecosystem?

This is a poll to gather people’s thoughts and ideas. Your feedback is invaluable. By taking part in this poll, you help shape the future of our digital world and ensure its alignment with the desires and needs of our community.

Vote Options:

Support: I am in favor of integrating 3D everyday and decorative items into the marketplace.
Oppose: I am not in favor of this proposal.
Neutral/More Information Needed: I am neutral or require more information before deciding.

By casting your vote, you help guide the direction of Decentraland and ensure our digital realm remains vibrant, engaging, and aligned with community needs. Your voice matters!

  • Yes. Add 3D Items
  • No. Keep it Fashion/Emote Only
  • More Info Needed
  • Invalid question/options

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This is a poll. If you have specific categories you’d like to have added mention them in the comments. If the general consensus is YES, then the next step will be more detailed. Thank you.

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I would totally support this idea, I proposed something similar before, but i think this one is more practical

Previous related proposal: Should we bring BUILDING as a type of asset just like wearable, and make it usable on Builder or other Official Editor? Securing the rights of creator.

I’m totally in support, but how will you protect from users sharing the glb’s of the assets after purchase? I could create a cool pink chair, but then if you buy it, you could change the color and send the glb to your friends. If we can solve that problem, this would be a huge asset to the community.

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Agree with @Canessa 's concern, there is one possible way to add mak. People can create furniture or other models and turn them to a limited supply NFT with differnet rarities. And the buyers will not get the model itself, they will get an NFT, and this NFT will give them the right to use what they bought in DCL editor or SDK, the similar way how we use the other free assets.

We also need to let the buyers be able to test the objects before their purchase so that the buyers can be responsible for their buying decision, thus no need for another committee

This is how Sandbox did it.

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With our grant for the In World Builder, we plan on having a marketplace for all kinds of assets - 2d, 3d, audio, code, etc.

We are starting with 3d to start.

We will allow creators to upload their assets for personal, public, for sale, (possibly for rent) usages. Since these assets are stored on a different server, the users won’t have direct access to downloading them.


I’m worried that adding furniture or builds would impede the freedom of land and world owners. This is because right now we can add the GLB we want and if furniture or builds are added to the marketplace, it would probably be with publication fees.

And if it doesn’t mean everyone has to publish and importing GLB would still be supported, it would raise an issue about plagiarism where sellers could claim they are being copied by people who are modelling some assets without publishing them.

I also don’t see it as useful, so I’m voting against.

Great question and not something I had thought about. However, what keeps people from sharing their avatar files with friends or selling them to others? Like Vipe or Visitors, etc. What if I told you I know a way to access the files of every avatar of a certain project? (I will not name them and I have made them aware of the issue). I of course will not use them for nefarious or profitable reasons because that is not my style. I don’t really want to purchase something like a 3D object just to give it away to others and have my stuff be less than unique. Just something to consider. I understand there may be people who would.

This concern can be addressed, in SandBox, it was addressed this very well, every creator can still upload their models for free. But if you want to buy other’s work, you need to pay, and you can even test other’s work before paying, they are all technically possible, honestly, the SandBox has so many things that deserve us to learn, even though it is centralised, I would suggest you to test how to create there, you will get a lot of inspirations on how to improve DCL’s UX. DCL Foundation is now adding email login as part of the login options, this is sth Sandbox did long time ago, and still many things we can take reference on just like the topic of this proposal

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I completely understand the concern of plagiarism. Not sure how to prevent that in any instance. As far as publication fees it would be just like submitting a wearable and a rarity would be created. No fee to add to a land or world. It would be beneficial to people like me who do not have the skill (at least as of yet) to make 3D models and most of all, make them optimized to be used inside of Decentraland. If it was easier to build in DCL, I probably would never have considered this to begin with now that I know a bit more but it is a frustrating and terrible experience for me to try and deploy anything to 1 parcel and it doen’t get easier and it gets more frustrating when you get told to use SDK 7 which is worse to figure out than the builder.

Interesting and thank you for the information.

Expansion of Marketplace Offerings with 3D Everyday and Decorative Items

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes. add 3d items 13% 535,672 VP (87 votes)
  • No. keep it fashion/emote only 1% 3,455 VP (2 votes)
  • More info needed 85% 3,530,143 VP (43 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 1,456 VP (1 votes)

Expansion of Marketplace Offerings with 3D Everyday and Decorative Items

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