[DAO:61dfe76] Hide stolen LAND/Assets from the Decentraland’s Marketplace and Explorer

by 0x3385c05ca0ddb46b51f9c2d99fc597cf6f0da891 (KazeNoKai)

Should we hide stolen LAND/Assets from the Decentraland’s Marketplace and Explorer?

Having your wallet hacked/drained is probably one of the worst fears of web3 users.
From losing all your assets to seeing them being sold on different NFT Marketplaces.
OpenSea provides an option to report a listing by submitting evidence (wallet address/police report/transaction info).
Once confirmed the asset/NFT will be blocked making the "new"owner unable to sell it on the OpenSea’s Marketplace.

I would like to hear the community’s thoughts on this matter, how do we feel about developing a similar feature for the Decentraland’s Marketplace and Explorer?

From my side I envision it as follows:

  • Have a “report listing” option on the Decentraland’s Marketplace for each listing/NFT/asset.

  • Once you use the report option, you need to attach/send details/proof on why the given listing/NFT/asset needs to be reviewed/blocked.

  • The report is reviewed by the Legal and Support teams from the Foundation.

  • If the report is deemed valid, the respective listing/NFT/asset will be hidden on a UI level from both the Marketplace and the Explorer, it can still be sold in the smart contract.

By implementing this functionality we can make it a bit harder for scammers/hackers to profit from a stolen asset, prevent affected users from getting even more frustrated and at the same time we can protect buyers from purchasing a stolen asset.

Let me know in case of any comments/questions and feedback on the above.
Thank you all!

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  • No, we should not
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Hi KazeNoKai. Thanks for submitting this proposal, have a few questions.

How will be fairly judged what’s considered ‘stolen’ ? Clear rules and a transparent process to handle disputes are needed to avoid confusion and controversial decisions, whats the plan for this ?

Hey, thanks for the question.

The report function would require a proof of the asset being stolen.
This would need to be for example a complaint to the police or judicial authority and respective contact details.
Then the report will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Legal team.

Let me know if you have any other questions,

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IMO more detailed criteria are needed. A police complaint alone may not suffice to confirm an asset as stolen.

Hey, the police complaint is just one of the attributes to be provided.
Additionally the person who uses the report function would provide wallet address and the transactions will be reviewed and analysed before making a decision on the respective listing/asset.

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great idea, but the main issue is that hackers usually liquidate/sell the stolen lands directly after stealing them, potentially we will be causing harm to the next buyer who is not aware that he is buying a stolen land, because the process of filing a police report and engaging the DCL legal team will takes at least a week, meanwhile the hacker will be selling the lands in hours or couple days.

Yes, we should and aside from what would be expected as a lengthy turnaround time, have there been any discussion with the legal and support teams to determine whether they will have the bandwidth to review what could become a large number of reports in a brief period of time?

I had an NFT stolen in early 2022 and it was sold within minutes by a multiple wallet trail that was also gone within minutes. When I reported it to Opensea it took 2 days for them to reply with this information and when we found out who bought the asset it was by someone who did not know they purchased a dirty NFT and hence they were screwed too because they could no longer sell it.

I voted YES but there would need a lot of definition and refinement around how this would work, and I also suppose confirmation that the Foundation’s legal team would be willing to support this.

Appreciate that you have brought the idea forward for discussion.

hey both, indeed this is a valid point. In case we receive a large number of reports at once, it may indeed be challenging to review them, sadly we do not have any historical data on this so a bit difficult to asses at this point. For sure there would be a need for another iteration of this feature once we have a better understanding of the amount of reports we may receive.

For once we could have a “status” to indicate that the listing is under review. For example the moment you figure out that an NFT is stolen, you report the listing and it goes to an “Under review” status so it can still be sold but at least the potential buyers will be aware that there may be an issue with the asset. If the report is valid then it will be hidden. The downside of this would be that people may abuse this feature, but we can still show the flag and allow for 1 week to provide proof and if we do not receive it, the flag goes away.

For sure this is a great initiative that can only help community members who have been scammed after the fact. Just wonder if better education up front would also work. I rarely see reminders in most Discords around ways for new users to keep safe.

how does one file a police report for the stolen LAND in District X ?

Hey, raising awareness is key for sure. In the Foundation server there is a bot that posts a daily reminder on the key things to know like not sharing private keys, opening different files and connecting a wallet to dapps that you are not familiar with for example. Also the Marketing team recently created this blog to help with the same: How to Keep Your Digital Assets Safe in the Metaverse

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An alternative marketplace and a fork of the whole client will have to be done if we give the Foundation the power to ban any lands.
This will be abused.
The legal team is sometimes having issues with wearables IP, so I can’t even imagine how it will go with lands…

Hide stolen LAND/Assets from the Decentraland’s Marketplace and Explorer

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Yes,i think is a very good idea

Hide stolen LAND/Assets from the Decentraland’s Marketplace and Explorer

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