Concerns about the security of my wallet (compromised)

I have a security question. I play on the decentraland and sell some items that I modelled, and listed on the marketplace. Everything is connect to my wallet, (lets call this wallet W1 just to exemplify).
But my wallet W1 was stolen, it is compromised, they swept all my MANA from the sales. What should I do?
There is any risk of this person who stole my wallet get all my items and try to send to their own wallet? What are the problems that I can have on my decentraland profile considering that someone stole my wallet?
If I create a new wallet (lets call it W2). Is there a way where I can send all my items from my decentraland backpack and from my marketplace store to this new wallet W2, and keep selling it, without the need to pay the fess again ?

Considering I’ve already payed the fees to start selling my items that are connected to my W1 wallet, will I need to pay again on my W2, if I send all my items to this new wallet and start selling?

Please help me guys, I’m really concerned that I can lose more coins that I’ve already lost. Because this person just swept my wallet, and I don’t want him to keep taking my money from the new sales, that can happen to my items from now.

I have some more items that I modelled and I want to start selling, but I’m worried about it. If I upload something new, they can steal it again, and in the worst-case-scenario, I’m concerned they can mint all the items to a wallet that is not mine. And steal all of them.

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Hi @Cebollitos,

I have consulted the security advisory board about this topic.

Did the hacker sweep all your nfts/wearables (the ones you bought from the marketplace)? If not, I recommend you transfer those from W1 to W2. I think you can do it on your wallet if it supports NFTs, or maybe using decentraland’s marketplace UI, or calling the collection smart contract via etherscan.

Regarding the collections you have on sale, the Security Advisory Board has the capability of updating the beneficiary address of the collection. This is the address collecting fees for primary sales and secondary sales.

If you would like to make this change, we should prove that you are the owner of the current beneficiary. Do you still have access to W1? Do you know how to sign a message with it?

I have a question. I bought three clothes on the same wearable before. As a result, the Eth and matic in my wallet were all lost that night. I checked the address. The hacker has stolen the funds in three wallets.

Thank you for the reply @yemel, at the moment, I sent the items that I bought to the other wallet, I think that is ok.
But the items that I was selling, I needed to send to the other wallet. But the problem now is: in this second wallet I cannot sell this items in any price I that want, and I need to sell them one by one. And it is really annoying, because it broken my strategy to sell 0.5 MANA.

The thing is, I wanted to sell for 0.5 MANA, all items in the same link. And due to the need to send the items to the new wallet. In the second wallet I’m blocked to sell on the price I want. In the second wallet I must sell on even number like, 1, 2, 3, 4 and goes. And I don’t have the chance to sell all in one link, I need to list one by one, so annoying.

What is worse is, it just goes against my strategy. My strategy was sell by 0.5 MANA, trying to sell, but now on the second wallet I’m blocked to sell for the minimum 1.

Could you send me via private message your wallet addresses and the links to your collections published in the marketplace.

I will forward it to the team to review the case and see what we can do about it.

Hi @Yemel!
I’ve sent it thought to you man! Followed by detailed explanations of my case!
I hope you and the team can help me on this!!!

Thanks in advance!!!