My Decentraland Land Parcel 126, -26 is stolen 2 weeks after I bought it in OpenSea, now listing in Decentraland


My Decentraland Land Parcel 126, -26 is stolen approximately 2 week after I buy from OpenSea. Is there anything I can do? I can now find the my land listing in Decentraland Marketplace.

In OpenSea, i.e. the marketplace that I bought this land now also has a different owner, but it links to an Error 404 page when I click on the owners ID BA6508. I have no plan to sell it therefore, I did not list the item on sales after my purchase. You can find the link here: My OpenSea puchase link.

I checked on etherscan it was stolen on Feb-18-2022 06:12:11 PM +UTC. This is the transaction link that was done. It shows that the transaction is:
From my wallet:
To his wallet :

where I can find his wallet id in Decentraland marketplace (0xba650840835ad316455df1332a742eb7570199ef) is the same as the transaction id that had transferred away my land :frowning:

I wonder is there anything I can do to claim the land back? Or to high-light this to Decentraland to act on this person?

Any suggestion is welcome…

Regards …