[DAO: QmR3YU4] Allowing DEED To Be Trade-Able On The Marketplace

by 0x1e138acb3b9db2f9fa3f7c1bae4bd8ef4da4200e (SillyZir)

Decentraland’s largest district which is Aetheria allows for contributors to own their LAND via DEED. Unfortunately, the issue is that DEED is unrecognizable in the marketplace. The only place to currently trade DEED is on Opensea. Having Deed trade-able on the marketplace gives contributors the option to trade/sell/lease (when leasing becomes available) along with potential new users looking to build inside of the district that is currently half empty.

  • Allow The Marketplace API to include DEED
  • Keep As Is
  • Invalid question/options

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100 percent rather keep it the way it is. The people crying about this right now are land flippers who arent even building. The same ones blaming the district for being half empty is because these clowns not building. These tools want to list it on the main market to insta flip. Id rather them be forced to sell low to people who actually give a damn about the dream then prosper greatly. That may seem malice but f it idc. I cant stand people who cry and call things out yet are the same hypocrites not practicing what they preach. I personally own land and build in Aetheria. Many slicers own land and build in Aetheria. The Aetheria collective started building near the road and have been asking for help. Samsung and Playboy were held in Aetheria. Know who isnt building? The ones who want a flip and want this approved. It isnt for the betterment of the people its straight for there wallets greed and profit. F um make um sell it low and force them out. They dont care about the people. They dont want this listed so you can find them easier. Most these guys paid around .25 eth probably for the land. They just want to see a price higher to or equal to main land. Its not hard to look up these deeds on opensea and go to the website to decode. Before someone wants to call me out. Im Tengu my lands at 119,76 also the one letting a streamer free of charge deploy a mental health garden 118,155. If your voting yes id like you to consider your helping the very people who are the same ones who just have a empty patch in mainland dcl. They dont care about DCL they just want money. here is link to the deeds https://opensea.io/collection/aetherian-deed You will notice at 1154pm east 2/8/2022 only 18 at buy it now. You know why because the floor is drastically lower then main land. These greedy people dont care or they would sell now and have it listed.


Great Points Tengu! My vote has been changed after reading this & understanding the perspective of someone who actually lives there and understands it from experience.

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Man… what are you talking about?
If these people want to sell they have the right to do it and it is better for everybody that they sell so people interested in building will buy the deeds!
To prevent people from selling is selfish and also counterproductive.

I suggest to vote for “Allow The Marketplace API to include DEED”.

yea they want to sell so bad they wont list on opensea right now gtfoh clown.First day on the dao 4 min read time almost like you made this account just to come in here and support land flipping and cash grabbing. Transparent as F. Nothing stopping these people right now from listing on opensea and shilling. They belong to a estate tho this isnt normal land its a deed. It is different then normal land. Also the Estate comes first welcome to belonging to a Community. WTF would you know about that tho mike. 4 mins in and you clearly support people who arent doing jack for the community over those who are. People just hodling the land when hundreds would buy right now if it was listed. Yet here we are as i said before 18 buy it nows. Majority Slicers who guess what have builds deployed. Funny the names voting No look real familiar like they actually hold deeds and are active members of the community. Who the f are you again ?

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Man you are so ridiculous in the way you write that i feel pity for you. Look for a good psychiatrist… and i suggest one in the real life and not in the metaverse. I registered because i read your stupid comment and decided to answer. I’ll tell you a secret: in a democratic society people have the right to express their opinions and to sell their own tokens whenever they want (and the value of their opinions is not related to the registration date on a public forum). If you dream to be a dictator you can still build a great empire in your land. PS: on Opensea there are problems in listing… and you use the word clown so often that i guess you see a clown everyday looking at the mirror when you wash your face LOL

Important to correct a possible misunderstanding here.

An Aetherian DEED NFT provides its owner with the control of deployment of scenes to a specific parcel within Aetheria.

it does NOT give the holder the ownership of the underlying LAND parcel.

As owner of the DEED, your wallet was set to be the LandUpdateOperator for that parcel when the DEED NFT moved into your wallet (it’s a feature of the DEED contract). Also, as owner of the DEED NFT, you can use a contract write method (e.g. on Etherscan.io) to assign your LandUpdateOperator rights to another wallet, and you can take it back.

If you sell or otherwise transfer the DEED itself, the new owner is set as the LandUpdateOperator

So, the DEED gives you what you need to OPERATE the land. It does NOT convey ownership of the land, which remains with the District and is subject to the District’s current and future policies, which at this time are informal but may become more formal if/when an Aetheria DAO is formed.

I also want to second the idea that a highly active/liquid market for DEED NFTs would work against people actively building on the associated lands. Aetheria is beling developed primarily by its contributors, and it is going gradually. DEED flipping seriously hinders this community development.

We made the DEEDs sellable, with a little effort, so that someone who did not want to stay part of the community could liquidate that operator control, hopefully to someone who IS interested in being in and building in Aetheria.

There is a bit of a hurdle to buying a DEED in Aetheria, but it’s all documented on the Aetheria website, and the DEEDs are standard NFTs, hence available for buying on OpenSea (“Aetherian Deed” https://opensea.io/collection/aetherian-deed).

The https://aetheria.io website has a link to a document, at the bottom of the “LAND” page, about how to find the coordinates of the Land parcel associated with a DEED.


Hello Carl.
Thanx for the clarification even if it was already clear for me.

However i still do not understand why an active liquid market for DEEDs would work against the project.

I think that many people do not put the effort to assign the LandUpdateOperator to another wallet. I suppose they just want to monetize their original contribution and so if they give their DEED to someone that buys it to build… this would be a great thing for the project imho.
At the moment i understand that the big majority of people are not building… so if they sell (and the the $$ of profits is the incentive for them to take action) things could improve.

However do you have a guide to assign the LandUpdateOperator rights to another wallet? Can it be updated again (like to revert the rights to the original owner) at any moment?

Some people will make any excuse and open thier mouth on things they dont know jack about. Your one of them. Like i said i knew you created your account just to reply. I knew you didnt know jack about Aetheria. Another outsider running his mouth with no skin in the game. The people will decide and i hope they listen to those of us actually building who come to the events with them. Not people like you who have no clue wtf your talking about who want to ride on the backs of those of us who are building. Glory to Aetheria and the dream.

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After seeing you burn bridges so quickly, We will see who laughs last mike. I will tell you a secret… In Decentraland… the users are the DAO and we have the right to express our opinions and sell our tokens whenever we want… You are attempting to disrespect someone who has been apart of the DAO for over a year… You clearly need to read a book and learn how to network because you are burning bridges with your current way of doing things… I will tell you another secret… This metaverse is real life… The Metaverse is only an extension of the Universe we live in… There are real people, real assets, real utility, real value, real currency, real events, real experiences and more in the Metaverse… I do not know what your definition of real is, Can you tell us what you believe is Real ? If you believe you have to see or feel it to believe it, I ask you why do you believe in the Wind… Wish you well, you will awaken soon…

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LOL. Are you joking? I am telling exactly the same.
People have the right to express their opinion just like i did and they should be free to sell their deeds when and how they prefer!
It is @TheCryptoTengu that is saying the opposite!

And another big difference is that “your friend” (considering you defend an arrogant and aggressive guy for unknown reasons) started to insult me with “gtfoh” and calling me “clown” because i expressed an opinion different from his one.

Your friend can be a senior member of the community or whatever but he should bring respect to other people.

I am a contributor of the project. I have the right to express an opinion and to manage my deeds like i prefer without being insulted and without your nosense “We will see who laughs last mike”.

“Laughing” about what man? What are you talking about? xD

I invested my own money as contributor.

If you do not want that i can manage my deeds like i prefer then you are the only true parasite that wants to ride the backs of other contributors (that have the same exact rights as you).

check the scoreboard… we will see who laughs last mike, i know you won’t be…

Man i do not care about it.
I already checked the votes before commenting and i was not expecting any different result.

You live in a metaverse of imaginary things and that is not the real life.
The idea that you are in a sort of challenge with me where someone has to laugh last is another of those imaginary things.
I can grant to you that there is a deep difference between real life and a metaverse.

If you prefer to equalize them because you feel better living in an imaginary world that is your problem but honestly i think that in hands of people insulting contributors and acting like middle school students… the project cannot have a bright future.


Can we have some build coordinates? Links to your deeds? Wearables you’ve made? Any evidence of give backs to the community? happy to eat crow if you can back up your claims. Or by contributor are you meaning one the original people who bought in for like 100 bucks and now want multiple thousands cause you aint doing jack. One the people with a empty lot bringing down the very dream of the so called thing you contributed too. Mean Personally as a parasite ive given 100s if not thousands away in give aways. Have things deployed on my land. Have other people displayed and deployed free of charge on my land. Didnt join the dao just over a personal issue. Given multiple streams of information on investing. I cant wait to see how the people vote either way. We now know how you feel as a contributor to the very thing your commenting on. Funny part is because the slicers Aetheria hit the map now you coat tail riding pos want to be front page to flip. You all are no longer contributors your modern day parasites who are scared to let go. You started off healthy but now most of you are like a lingering vine strangling the nutrients from a blossoming tree. I usually dont waste time on liars but ya know. However The whole we cant list on opensea lie. as to quote you “on Opensea there are problems in listing” Funny how this was done in 2 minutes. https://opensea.io/assets/0xc4749f416c7dc27e09f67ac02f23a90e0ba6ad21/40833884030512615615604952891812185374796

Allowing DEED To Be Trade-Able On The Marketplace

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  • Keep as is 99% 1,071,974 VP (8 votes)
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Allowing DEED To Be Trade-Able On The Marketplace

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