[DAO: QmbJmVk] Buying back LAND and restructuring the LAND business!

by 0x07356b0edf9b934330f41952b09d076c3810c608 (Bet)

Motivation: If the DAO spend 30k MANA a month buying the cheapest LAND parcels on the market. Then we can redistribute those parcels to people that want to utilize it!

Background: After seeing the recent proposal for giving play-to-earn players 30k MANA a month. It reminded me of my previous forum post about restructuring LAND. DAO - restructuring the LAND business

Ideas for LAND usage:
Monthly building competitions. (Where winners get their scene deployed) \
Build bus stops along roads \
Resell at a higher price. \
Build teleports \
Giveaways (for marketing) \

More developers getting involved \
More LAND demand \
More stuff to do in-game \
MANA burned for each purchase \

  • Yeah, sounds good.
  • Nah, that won’t work.

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I would prefer that we have a rent market first. This is a step in the right direction though.

There is a rent market @ NFTfi.com but nobody really uses it

I think that’s if you wanted to borrow money from LAND. What if you want a simple land contract?