[DAO: QmbJmVk] Buying back LAND and restructuring the LAND business!

by 0x07356b0edf9b934330f41952b09d076c3810c608 (Bet)

Motivation: If the DAO spend 30k MANA a month buying the cheapest LAND parcels on the market. Then we can redistribute those parcels to people that want to utilize it!

Background: After seeing the recent proposal for giving play-to-earn players 30k MANA a month. It reminded me of my previous forum post about restructuring LAND. DAO - restructuring the LAND business

Ideas for LAND usage:
Monthly building competitions. (Where winners get their scene deployed) \
Build bus stops along roads \
Resell at a higher price. \
Build teleports \
Giveaways (for marketing) \

More developers getting involved \
More LAND demand \
More stuff to do in-game \
MANA burned for each purchase \

  • Yeah, sounds good.
  • Nah, that won’t work.

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I would prefer that we have a rent market first. This is a step in the right direction though.

There is a rent market @ NFTfi.com but nobody really uses it

I think that’s if you wanted to borrow money from LAND. What if you want a simple land contract?

I want to repropose this suggestion…

I think this is more relevant now than before…

I would say that most SDK6 developers are not funded enough to convert their scene to SDK7 and being able to sell at the floor price could help.

My suggestion is to buy back 3 squares a week at the floor price.
At the moment on the Marketplace.
The floor price for LANDs is 1.9k MANA.
At this price the dao could buy back the entire map including roads. :+1:
But at 3 squares a week this would take over 500 years.

Any feedback is welcome…

Must be somebody, it generated 1/2 million in rents this year

Land buyback sounds like a stock buyback it doesn’t really do much to improve the outlook probably. Things are not looking good - online players are down more than ever when it’s winter break and other platforms are surging from tiktok to roblox. There is extreme corruption and misappropriation of funds here. Even fun games that are fully developed in SDK7 cannot get funded without joining the Cenessa Cult. I made 5 different game components here and shouldn’t even have to apply for a grant with what I made- funding should have been showered but the cult has their grip on this ecosystem and they defunded my games, exodus, monster hall the #1 world. It’s a downward spiral that seems to be getting worse not better. I have some great idea on this topic of land market, but I won’t even say it. DCL doesn’t deserve the idea. I’m not sure which laws can apply, but what’s going on here seems criminal with material damage to all land holders and mana holders.

The thing about good ideas; only a few succeed…
I used to hold my ideas close to my chest but ideas are best to be shared…
Last week I gave a $b idea to a small crypto wallet provider… Now they’re going to implement my idea in Feb… If I had kept the idea to myself then the industry does not move forward…
Am I going to get a patent on the idea? No… Do I want to monetize the idea and maintain a business that can do that… No… So why not share the idea and improve the products… There are not many people out there with original ideas… So count your blessings that you might have one :+1: