Blockchain Governance Questions

I have some questions strictly for the blockchain developers. I am trying to understand more about the governance behind Decentraland. I understand that Decentraland is owned by the community and isn’t controlled by any single entity but what is the extent of that? Not trying to poke holes into the decentralized narrative, I am just trying to get a better understanding so that I can explain this better to others.

  1. First off, Decentraland has a LinkedIn page and a discord which are centralized sites. I am assuming that the people running those were selected by the DAO? This also goes for the Decentraland website and the world itself… who is hosting it? From my understanding of how this stuff works, there needs to be servers that host them. Who controls the servers? Or is there a decentralized community all equally hosting the server?

  2. Speaking of the DAO, it seems that anyone with an Ethereum address can submit a proposal but what does submitting a proposal do exactly? When submitting a name ban, is a smart contract automatically created to deal with it? If not, who creates the smart contracts?

  3. When someone wants to request a grant, are they rewarded before or after they accomplish what was promised? How can you trust someone to do something especially if it’s not backed by a smart contract? A lot of these grants are for things off the chain such as creating videos.

  4. How is voting power determined?

I am just trying to figure out which aspects of Decentraland are truly decentralized and which aspects of it are not. How much of this project exists in the blockchain? It’s easy to determine that the tokens that represent land and the currency are part of the blockchain, but are those land tokens just pointing to a location in a 3D world being hosted by some centralized service? If so, there is nothing wrong with that if that’s what the community has decided on. I am just trying to get the bigger picture.