Builder and Test Network Not Working Properly

I am a wearable artist making models for clients to post to the marketplace but I am unable to consistently test and now today, I can’t even access the builder at all. The last few days when I would take a model into the Ropsten network, I wasn’t able to leave the character editor or move around in the world until I created another account? It wouldn’t even load the model that I was trying to test. When I did create a test account, it let me actually test the wearable and walk around and what not. However, now whenever I go to the builder, it loads that test account instead of my normal account and doesn’t have ANY of my models in the library and won’t allow me to upload.

This is breaking confidence with testing models and stunting submissions. I’ve tried reaching out via Twitter and email to no avail. Can someone please assist so I can get some cool stuff submitted? :smiley: