Problem testing wearable with "see in world" option

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to create a custom wearable (helmet).
Using the builder the wearable behaves correctly and is technically correct, both in terms of movement and rendering.
When I try to test it in dcl as a guest, I get the following error “There was a problem loading your wearables”.

What can be the problem?
In order to be published and approved by the committee, is it sufficient that the asset works correctly in the builder?

Note: to run the test as a guest I use the Ropsten network.

I’ve checked the console logs in the browser and I get the following error when loading my wearable:

Failed to fetch wearables for context ‘OwnedWearables’ Failed to fetch Got status 401. Response was ‘{“ok”:false,“data”:{“eth_address”:“0x987b6210ca3b975ba367408fdfa2236bf662859a”},“error”:“Unauthorized”}’

Seems that the eth_address in the response is not mine.

having the same problem, does anybody knows how to fix this?