Acceptance criteria / MANA Publication Fee

Hello, I am wondering if there still is a 500 mana publication fee to submit a wearable for review, and I am also wondering if it would be breach of any of the basic requirements. I am asking because I know there is a 500 mana fee and I want to know if its refundable before I decide to publish. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Description: Worn by Chief himself, credit to CommanderPrime at Sketchfab
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Category: Helmet

This work is based on “Master Chief” (Master Chief - Download Free 3D model by CommanderPrime (@commanderprime) [ada6a53] - Sketchfab) by CommanderPrime (CommanderPrime (@commanderprime) - Sketchfab) licensed under CC-BY-4.0 (

Sorry but this would not be approved in the current state. Any wearable that will profit from the likeness of another IP will not be approved unless the IP holder has expressed consent.

And also you cannot use a model created by someone else without their consent either. So if you take a model from sketchfab in this case and don’t receive consent from the creator to use it, then that is not allowed. But it depends upon the license of the model, if it’s creative commons and allows commercial uses then you can use it as far as I know

I updated the license in the post by the way please check. It allows commercial use on the license I downloaded.

You said:

Any wearable that will profit from the likeness of another IP will not be approved unless the IP holder has expressed consent.

Is it really considered IP even if it was renamed/looks completely different than the real thing?

I am just concerned that I will lose my publication fee and I need to know for certain if I am not breaching any intellectual property rights. Would I have to rename the collection/item and fix the description etc, since the model was made by a modeler, not a company? Or would I just lose 500 mana and get robbed approximately $2000 for not knowing?

Whoever owns the intellectual property is the IP holder, I believe that’s microsoft in this case, without their consent you cannot profit off their IP. Since the helmet is an exact replica of the master chief helmet it’s an obvious breach of their intellectual property. However nothing is stopping you from making a helmet that is similar but not identical and you can alter the model after submitting.

But as it stands currently it will not be approved, you can submit it but you will have to change the model so it’s not a direct copy, and put your own spin on the design. I’d advise you to do this before you submit it though

And nobody is robbing you of 500 mana if it is not approved. It is common sense that you cannot start selling halo merch without getting into legal issues, the same goes here.


Thanks for your help, I truly appreciate it! I will continue working on the design and customize it so it doesn’t look like a replica. I will submit for publication when its fully ready. Do I have to change the name of the collection/item and stay away from keywords like Master Chief? Because from what I’ve read you can’t change the name after publication.

No problem :+1:
Yeah stay away from any keywords related to Halo or Master Chief. You can change the name of the item after submitting, but not the Collection name, that is permanent for now. But regardless do not include any halo / master chief references in either and you should be good.


So another question: The limit on the number of triangles is it 1500, materials 2? is that true or just a rough estimate? Currently it has about 2300 triangles. Is it okay?

The problem with the IPs is that you don’t need an “exact replica” to be contested.
The “look and feel” are often enough to make you lose a battle in court.
So if your helmet “looks and feels” like it is coming from a main character of an existing IP, you will be fined.
So AT LEAST, if I was in you, I would remove all and any reference to the reference that you used, and this would at least keep you in a safe spot just in case, and allow you to say that it’s just a coincidence.

This of course is all arbitrary from the judge, otherwise nobody could ever do again a green helmet.
Also I dare say that the look of this Halo helmet “looks and feels” quite similar to the Doom helmet.
Nobody said nothing about that, but if you exchange them, I’m pretty sure that 90% of the players wouldn’t notice it, unless because they are really into the franchises and know very very well the visuals.

Anyway, in my opinion your model looks a bit flat.
With cel shading visuals you need to add more texturing/details to show the shapes of objects, so to compensate for the lack of light and shade.
Try to add some air intakes, small panels here and there so that the shapes of the object pop up.