[DAO: QmQFdip] Halt the implementation of the Governance Proposal to adjust the creators fee to reflect a set fiat value of $500

by 0x3498857bb3e1cc8a3c9b582dc726f47a9625242b (VIRTEWEL)

It was announced today that DCL will be changing the creators fee from 100 Mana to $500 USD worth of Mana. This poll was taken in October of 2021, and was announced today, May 19th, that it is to be implemented on May 26th.

Here’s the link to the proposal from October:

Since last November, the price of MANA has gone down from $5 to roughly $1.

This proposal is to stop this change from happening on May 26th, so that we can hold another vote and create a new proposal that addresses how fees should be assessed based on current market conditions.

  • STOP the proposal from going into effect. Keep the creators fee at 100 mana until a new proposal is voted on
  • Allow the proposal to go into effect on May 26th increasing the creator’s fee to $500 worth of Mana
  • Invalid question/options

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Before the poll publishing fee was 500 MANA. If you want to stop it, you mean to go back to constant 500 MANA fee for publishing a wearable?

In that case, if MANA reaches 2$, then publishing fee would be 1000$.

Current submission fee is 100 MANA and has been for a while. They even recently reimbursed the people that had paid the original 500 MANA fees.

CURRENT fee is 100 MANA so no I do not mean to revert it to 500 mana.

Hello community, you can see my comment as the first one at the time on the previous post:

I was happy for the previous proposal because to publish at the time it was costing $1500-$3000 and was insane to invest that into a wearable. As stated above mana was spiking hard at the time.

As a creator in the space I’ve paid publishing cost when it was $500, $1200, $300, $130 and recently a wild $70 per item. Not sure what the solution is but the original reasoning behind my support of publishing costs becoming a flat fee was to ensure you could actually budget and plan projects without it suddenly spiking into the thousands, $500usd was the initial publishing cost that was set by the community (via another proposal) and it had never been under that price ever. So if you set a flat mana cost of 100 it could spike and be unaffordable again and we go around into a cycle of requesting a fiat vs mana set publishing fee. Whatever the price it’s better to be consistent with the fee so it’s easier to plan and onboard.

Interested to see some ideas of how much the publishing cost should be and the fiat vs mana value~


Yes, current fee is 100 MANA. Publishing fee was reduced from 500 MANA to 100 MANA after that poll. But you want to stop this poll, so that means going back to 500 MANA.

The idea since the inception of the community wearables was the price to be around $500. The reasoning behind is the costs of such wearables: storage forever in the catalyst network, bandwidth of every download, extra computing on each users browser, salary of the curation committee (i’m leaving this as reference [DAO: QmT9WrE] Revised proposal for wearable publication fees - #5 by esteban). Such costs and bills are priced in USD, and the price of MANA being so volatile made that at some point the price per item has been sometimes above $2k and sometimes below $100. That was the reason behind the proposal cited by OP to attach the price to a fiat value. That was done for a while by the DAO committee but it was a very cumbersome process and eventually it stopped being updated and stayed stuck at 100 MANA (which is way below the intended original price in USD terms). Now the mechanism introduced will keep the price in MANA pegged to a USD value (currently $500) automatically, without needing the DAO committee to update it manually. This solution is superior to what was in place before, it gets rid of speculation about when to submit items due to volatility of MANA, and it provides a more predictable income to curators. If you think $500 is too much that’s a different topic, it can be discussed and a proposal can be made to update it any time, but I believe having the price attached to a USD value rather than a MANA value is way healthier for both creators and curators long term.


I see where you’re coming from but I’ll ask you and any other creator that runs a brand or business in here, but do you plan and take payment in USD or MANA? Because I know for me I do everything in MANA, all of my expenses are calculated in MANA, all my payouts to partners are in MANA. So that’s where I’m having a disconnect even relating to this idea. I haven’t had to check the price of MANA in months to be able to submit in fact, but all in all a lot of the creator community can’t afford $500 per wearable submission and the whole thing seems a little like the wearable market is being gate kept, when it should be just as decentralized as any other aspect. All anyone here is saying is there should be a revote with today’s numbers both in the creator community and todays market and maybe they be a little quicker at implementing the solution. But to do otherwise is pretty much saying the 100’s of creators that came in AFTER that original proposal even passed don’t matter to the Decentraland community. Which they and we do. Even if it’s the same outcome, there should at least be a fair vote on it and not amongst 50 some odd whales.


I totally agree and I’m in support of what creators need in the space to be creative (as a creator myself).

Personally I can’t afford land and am always thoughtful when I create for the marketplace and in game since thats how I contribute to DCL. I’m not for or against any solution currently since I feel like I personally dont know the correct answer or even the outcome of a change like this.

If there was a community revote would it be the same question from 8 months ago or would it be adjusted to match the current market and community ecosystem?

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This is not normal! 100 mana wasn’t going anywhere, but 500$ is very expensive. The question immediately arises how to recapture this money to the creators if the purchasing power is sluggish, to put it mildly

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See I’m with you on that. Maybe just keeping it a flat MANA rate wouldn’t be bad, but I agree. I’m not against change or anything, but I think this is a change that needs to be discussed by and voted on by the ENTIRETY of the community seeing as how majority of the Decentraland community is a creator of some sort. my personal opinion is that doing this and setting it to $500 fiat value is literally the same thing as reverting back to 500 MANA and it’s wild that this is their exact argument for saying no to letting everyone revote and find a different solution is “What? Do you want it to be reverted back to 500 MANA?” BRO!! We’re about to have 500 MANA submission again with MANA sitting at $1 lmao

Plus, if the proposal was enacted and in affect why has the submission price not been fluctuating to keep up with that? I have been paying 100 MANA per wearable the entire 4 months I’ve been putting wearables on the market.


A little history on this:
@Vulpixie drafted and published initial Poll with all of CG supporting it. Which got EVERYONEs attention. This Poll was a vote on whether wearable submissions should be linked to USD and not Mana. Early this year/late last year, MANA was around $5 each. So $2,500 for a wearable submission was out of reach for most. That is when we as a whole decided to link Wearable submission fees to a fiat value. $500 was the agreed on price. I see nothing wrong with a $500 price point as long as the DAO can scale and update pending Mana flux per market value. The thing is now the @dao needs to stick to this fiat scale and adjust WEEKLY. Otherwise the initial Poll turned Proposal will not work as intended.

I think we should still be pegged to a fiat value of $500.


We are currently working on several projects in Decentraland. Not only that, you have to pay specialists to create a scene + the land is not cheap, and + to this, a crazy fee for the mint of wearables. At this rate, only whales with a huge budget will be able to enter Decentraland. It is already difficult for ordinary people to be competitively capable


Bro, your vision, how will the payment happen? From a bank card?)) Then the whole essence of decentralization is lost when paying with fiat

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I’m not a dev but this time I believe it will be an automation that adjusts mana publishing costs to meet the value rather than a manual process to update.


Wait what? People got reimbursed! Shoot! Wasn’t me and I’d been paying 500mana for almost all my wearables. Oh well! If y’all wanna hate… I voted Allow the proposal to go into effect! I had been paying $500 or more per wearable since I started and at that time the market wasn’t over diluted like it is now. Like i mentioned on twitter. We lucky its not $1000. And with the addition of being able to publish skins, we should be grateful! Looks to me that we were offered a generous discount for these past few months and now everyone want to talk about how its not fair we all got away with such a good deal :rofl:

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Yes, I would hope so… Should have been implemented 1st time around. When room is left for human error, human error will happen.

Payment is still done with MANA. MANA rate is just adjusted to a flat $500 fiat reference.

With further research being done. I am now curious on how this poll was agreed upon during a Town Hall DAO meeting where there were updates implemented to enact the cost of submissions (I recall not having to pay $2,500 to submit a wearable design)… YET, It was so loosely implemented. I was part of the Poll submission and there was a clear-cut statement to peg the fee to $500 in Fiat with a variable flux according to Mana Market price. That of which would need to be updated weekly. I am astonished that the DAO would pick and choose what to run with. I understand that it’s a gray area. A Poll, non-binding. But, the Town Hall meeting agreement to honor and enact the Poll as a Proposal… What happened to that? I still agree with the peg to $500 fiat. BUT, the timing of “Officially” enacting… This could not be worse on the DAO’s part. In the midst of a market crash. Doesn’t look good and that is why there is so much backlash here.


The reimbursed fees were for people who published a wearable after the proposal to switch from 500 MANA to 500 USD passed and before the change was effective, it was not for every people who paid 500 MANA.
cc: @AdoptaXolo