Where does the dao governance go?

I open this thread based on the comments that arose from this proposal Improved backpack-features

And the discussion and feelings that have come to me from the spanish community in dcl.

I dont understand the direction of the actual dao in the case of the governance proposals.

The VP limits are insane, only a bit amount of people could approve things. The time to approve them is so limited too.
For me not make sense create governance proposals with this requirements.

Probably the intention is to eliminate noise, but many proposals for improvements to decentraland will be lost and will not even be presented or discussed because it is impossible for a user to bring them to fruition without the support of one or more whales.

In the proposal that i have mentioned above, the user is asked to provide technical information on how to implement. But how many people have that ability?

we add a teach limit too?

Related to governance, although not so much with the limits to see your proposal approved (which are now extremely unlikely), I like the work of the foundation but, shouldn’t it be more public?

For example:
I loved the decentrala festival, it was an epic event, but why was there no voting of any kind?
Couldn’t the community be asked about which artists to bring or what limits to put on spending?
I have not seen a summary of the costs either, although they are generic.

In addition, it would be great if the foundation needed to hire someone, opening a public and transparent process as far as possible to hire the most qualified.

I understand that there are negotiations that cannot be public and some will come out and others will not, and I personally believe that not everything has to be decentralized because it can lead to immobility or make erratic decisions, and some leadership is needed. But if we really want decentraland to be decentralized, shouldn’t the community be asked more?
And be more transparent in its processes?

Perhaps a person can be hired to take care of improving that type of communication.

As a summary, I have exposed my feelings about the impossibility of approving governance proposals even if they are good for decentraland. And the movement towards where I would like the foundation to move: more transparency, more asking users where to put the focus of their work, (it does not necessarily have to be questions about whether to do X event or not, but at least about the amount of allocated resources presenting several options).

Some examples:
Event X:
amount spent X:
Developers : X quantity to Y, …(nicks or wallets or at least the amounts and work)
Other personal and function: X->Y …

In the case of the game jams:
Judge 1(anon), X X X X total Y.

In the case of need hiring:
We need a develop, marketing, moderator, etc with x skills.
and then,
We have decided to contract X for “that reason”.

Personally I think a good job is being done, but I have received criticism and I think there are possible improvements to make the community more dynamic and reliable.

what do you think?