W172 - Proposal for Celebrity Masks and Wigs

1. Description of the Collection
A set of masks that are modeled after certain celebrities (to be determined). These celebrities could be actors, musicians, politicians, cartoon characters, movie creatures, or other cultural icons. Only 1 mask of each celebrity will be created initially, but are intended to be expanded to include a broader range of facial expressions and emotions in the future.

A set of wigs to match each mask, but are interchangeable so that fun mask/wig combinations can be mixed and matched together. Only one wig will be created for each mask initially, but are intended to incorporate a broader range of styles and colors in the future in order to create more options for mixing and matching with masks.

2. Design Concepts
Similar to those that can be purchased on Amazon and worn in real life, except that the mask and the hair will be separate pieces sold as individual NFTs.

Here’s some concepts:

3. Team
The team will be spearheaded by myself as the project manager and will comprise of 3d modeling experts sourced from DCL/CV/SS communities and/or freelance platforms such as fiverr and upwork as has been my process for past projects including Chicago, DCL (47,113), Happy Halloween (60,-3), and Claw Machine (83,-18). I have a range of contacts who may contribute based on acceptance of this proposal.


4. Purpose
The mask and hair wearables are intended to make interesting accessories for avatars, offering a fun avatar creation process and a more engaging user experience. The intention is to expand the assortment in the future in order to satisfy a larger variety of individual tastes and personal preferences. The wearables will be sold on the DCL marketplace.


I find this concept very unique similar to Decentraland names.

Having the ability/option to portray the character you love within decentraland is priceless. For example The Keanu Reeves Wig wearable along with a name like NEO has to be a very memorable action for all others. Being able to express your feelings, character, emotions through these wearable wigs is unlike anything else we had in the past.

Actors, Cartoon characters, Fictional characters, Villains and Superheroes. Don’t forget the Star Wars :slight_smile:

Brilliant. Period.


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Celebrity accessories such as masks and wigs would be great to pair with avatar names - not just the celebrity names themselves, but certain words/phrases/characters that can be associated with them. Or even to express your own mood in real life, or for certain events (such as Jason Voorhees for Halloween, or Santa for Christmas).

This is an idea that hasnt been done before and presents a large opportunity for individual expression and creativity that will accelerate with the growth of Decentraland.

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Excellent. Can’t wait to wear these on my Avatar.

For example I am big time cartoon fan and if there was a Elmer Fudd wearable it would mean the world to me. Everyone is different and this proposal actually covers everyone. :grin:

There is a limitation to how many of these we will be allowed to create from this proposal, but the sooner this idea gets approved, the more options there will be in the future as time goes on!

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This is an awesome proposal! It would be really useful for people to link up names with wearables. Any of them would also be great for any and all in game events people would love them. This is a very smart idea and hope more people can help push it through.

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I agree with Cryptoed 100%

Who knows this proposal perhaps can even attract the real celebrities into Decentraland.

Any proposal for the mass adoption of Decentraland you know I am 100% in.


Cool idea!

It seems like there could be intellectual property issues with some of these though. In particular, there’s a concern about selling Disney items without permission. I’d hate for that to get noticed by Disney – or other celebs – and bring heat down on all of DCL :o

Maybe focus on celebrities that would grant permission in advance? Just a thought.

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I am a big time Overwatch fan. I got in touch with their peoples and told them about the names that can be registered of the actual Heroes, Like Genji, Junkrat, Roadhog.

To be honest they did not care.

I am not exactly sure how it works for the actual faces as I am not a lawyer. However since amazon is selling these faces do they have a licence?

Star Cutouts Ltd is the company based in UK England

This is their website: https://www.starcutouts.com/
Maybe someone can reach out and ask about their permission/licensing.

Perhaps Clark Kent, is the best person to shed some light into this area.


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@RDixon Regarding intellectual property, this is an important consideration to be sure. These will be designed under the doctrine of “fair use” and created as unique works of art under freedom of expression - created from scratch and not copies of anything. Licenses will also be sought out for additional application in the future, but the purpose of this proposal is to serve as a proof of concept first. Also, the focus will be on real life people and not fictional characters protected under copyright law. Unfortunately I cannot edit the image under #2 Design Concepts to exclude these but noting this here.

One key factor in whether something is considered “fair use” is whether or not it can be considered to be transformative (does it add something new?). I would argue Decentraland NFT masks are a very transformative concept. These items also wont be copies of original works, they will be unique. Lastly, these arent substantial replicas of celebrity’s entire likeness, only a very small portion. And an artists rendition at that.

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In other words, these will be parodies/caricatures.

@Doug-NFTWorld Makes sense. I just wanted to make sure it was being considered, since “fair use” can run into trouble sometimes when it involves selling copies of celebrity likenesses. It seems like it’s probably safer to stay away from Disney-owned material. :slight_smile: For example https://www.liveabout.com/using-celebrity-images-for-commerical-resale-192853

@JasonX Star Cutouts is a good analogy… It seems like they license all the images they use: “Star Cutouts established in 2005 is Europe’s largest dedicated distributor and manufacture of licensed cut-outs.”

I think getting licenses for certain celebrities would be possible – and some might even allow it for free or a low percentage per item sold, that kind of thing.

DCL usage might even fly under the radar and not be noticed by many celebrities. I’d just steer clear of the celebrities that have full-time legal teams looking around for lawsuits,. :wink:

Recently Chicago Crypto Hustler made a one hour video when he heard Chadwick Boseman was spotted in Decentraland.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4bU72G4ODQ

This shows us with this proposal we can bring/attract many celebrity fans into Decentraland.

At the end of the day I am all for the adoption and DAU of Decentraland.


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would want to be careful as some celebs have a trademark on their likeness which could lead to legal problems for the team.
CC @ClarkKent for clarity

Of course! This has already been addressed above. Politicians are fair game. Fictional characters will be avoided. Certain celebrities are less risky than others. Any creations will be parodies/caricatures created manually (pictures of celebs wont be used). South Park is a good example of how this can be achieved legally.

Good information thanks for sharing