VP for everyone!

A name is a direct investment in the DAO.
It’s 100VP you can’t easily get back…
For me it’s worth 1000 VP per NAME…

Land was meant to be one of the biggest things about Decentraland.
Now we have names and .eth worlds to compete with.

Personally I paid an average price of 10k MANA per LAND…
(I do have one touching genesis plaza though :partying_face:. Which I believe is worth at least 50k VP…)
So yeah let’s make it 5k VP per LAND…
Touching a road? 8k VP
Touching genesis? 25k VP? (Probably not gonna happen because only a few people have these…)
Deployed a scene with SDK7? +2k VP
Not many LAND whales out there any more. So it’s quite fairly distributed.

It’s the place that most of our engagement comes from.
I sometimes help people in #SDK
Gimme some VP!

maybe use this?
ok spammers… but meh… delete spam…

Some twitter accounts have generated a lot of traffic in to decentraland.
I think we should be able to vote for some accounts to get extra VP based on their follower account.
https://twitter.com/DCLjasonx has 5,631 followers at the moment.
I’d vote for him to have 5,631 VP…
(Would work like POIs.)

Ohh you have a POI… That’s hot!
100k VP

Hard to give a VP for wearables unless it’s percentage based…

I dunno… but didn’t want to forget the homies…


Get a few POIs, then keep voting POIs for yourself, infinite VP glitch.
Those rules would give me 150k from name + ~1300k from lands + 40k from msgs (dcl+dao), already nearly 1.5M VP.
JasonX (who doesn’t understand anything to how DCL works) would get over 1M VP just from names.

ohh yh… how to avoid that haha…
Is 1.5M too much for you?
I would have about 2.2m :slight_smile:
Jason has given like 100k MANA to the dao though which he’ll probably not get back from reselling… :man_shrugging:
I think there’s some merit here…
Let’s just approve the ones that work?

No, Jason has burned 100k MANA in a project he doesn’t understand, most of his names were bought before the MANA goes to the DAO.

What’s a fair price for names in yo opinion?

100 MANA giving 100 VP.

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What does that price LANDs at?
Didn’t people pay about 5,000 VP?

I think the title is missleading.
This can be a more serious discussion.
I agree with @HPrivakos about NAMES

Im in favour of reviewing the LAND VP specs for something more accurate, different LAND can have different VP. I think LAND has more relation to builders than any other token. Also I find it easy to implement in snapshot.

About SDK-7 deployment… yup or SDK-6 , but I would try that on a separate proposal, I would propose the LAND VP change first.

Would be great for 3D artists to get bonus VP as compensation of fee that we pay for publishing wearable collections.

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ya makes sense… 500MANA spent = 500VP gained…

Exactly, Wearables is core feature of Decentraland as well as LANDs and NAMEs, but for some reason creators gets nothing except wasted money with believe in “fortune” to get income higher than paid fees. Which happens very rare.

I would like to get VPs as wearables content creator, and get opportunity to vote on proposals.
My 20k VP means nothing against whales with delegated VP. Which means lack of motivation to participate on votes in DAO. VP for fees that I spent for publishing wearables would motivate me more to provide wearables for users, pay fees, get VP, and vote on DAO.

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@NikkiFuego has a great document about
giving VP to wearable publishers. Perhaps we can revive that and make it a poll

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Shipping wearables is a big part of the game :+1:
I feel like we need a VP v2 to add all these things…
There’s also some ideas around having soulbound tokens that can do these kind of things…