User Onboarding Random Ideas

  • In the login page, show wallet access on the left, and on the right “email” access, with fortmatic and ideally also with google sign in generating web3 address automatically (also can support other signing platforms than google). Guest mode removed, all players with a web3 wallet.

  • Present to the user different topics that he might me interested on: gaming, arts, crypto, music/parties, education… then offer the places/events to go, this can be improved with also some work on other plazas than genesis, so that the user can start on the specific topic he is more interested.

  • Create a global set of quests. For example to explore all topics. I don’t mean to have a quest system, kind of sdk like was tried in the past, I mean a predefined and specific set of quests to guide the user to explore decentraland or even an adventure. Also we can have badges like “world explorer: visited the 90000 parcels of decentraland”, “honored member: 1 year since first login”, “commited citizen: 30 consecutive days logging in”.