[DAO: QmRTYuf] Genesis Plaza Tours, Interactive Lessons, and Community Engagement

by 0xca5b437dbc3c7f441f99c698d4b1fe1aa0599346 (MetaParty)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Following the success of MetaParty hosting the Community Fashion Show at metaverse Fashion Week, our team is committed to helping Decentraland grow. After a series of meetings and planning sessions, we’ve decided the best way to help the community is to engage with new players by making Genesis Plaza a more friendly, interactive, and supportive environment. This will include tours, interactive lessons and welcome events for beginners.

We’ve created a slide deck presentation to demonstrate our proposal, which can be viewed with the link below:


Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



We believe that Genesis Plaza is an excellent starting point for new Decentraland players. But new players typically spawn into the metaverse with little clue about the true potential of this platform. Genesis Plaza provides players with numerous options to get involved in Decentraland, yet many remain confused or simply dormant. There needs to be a better and more consistent way to educate players about what’s possible in Decentraland and get them interacting with each other.

MetaParty wants to take full advantage of Genesis Plaza by hosting welcome events, tours, and informative lessons in the numerous spaces available. Our team is experienced hosting fun and lively events, such as MetaVerse Fashion Week, that draw players of all experience levels into the metaverse. Our grant proposal would allow MetaParty to host regular events in Genesis Plaza that encourage players to explore Decentraland, learn about its features, and have fun interactions with other players.

To accomplish our goal, MetaParty will hire a series of tour guides in multiple languages to assist new players in Decentraland. This process will include accountability measures in which the community can track our progress via a sign-in sheet. MetaParty will train, oversee, and manage these tour guides to ensure quality experiences for new players.

We’ve created a YouTube video describing the proposal that shows a demo tour, which can be viewed at the link below:


We’re proposing the following:

MetaParty staff members are present at Genesis Plaza five days a week Monday through Friday during 12pm UTC to 4pm UTC to give tours, host fun events, and teach new users about Decentraland. Our staff will use a combination of voice and text features to alert new users to join the tour.

The tour will take place once per hour from 12pm UTC to 4pm UTC and last about 20 minutes, taking new players through the main buildings in Genesis Plaza (outlined below) and use each location to speak about different aspects of Decentraland: NFTs, wearables, land, wearable design and more.

Lessons will take place once per shift at 2pm UTC at different venues throughout Genesis Plaza and cover the following: Introduction to Builder, Introduction to Wearable Creation and Introduction to Social Media, Branding and Marketing for Decentraland.

Tour outline:

Note: While some buildings in Genesis Plaza are explicitly named, others are unnamed. For the purposes of our tour, we’ve named buildings that lack a name. For a visual representation of each tour stop, please see our video proposal linked above.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of having tours conducted in multiple languages to reach the worldwide audience coming into Decentraland. Proceeds from the grant will go towards hiring Spanish language tour guides and additional language speakers.

Main Building (0,0) - Quick overview of Decentraland basics; how to run, walk, emote, access backpack and view the main map. Tour guide will talk about Genesis Plaza and proceed to the first tour stop.

Long Building (2,7) - Introduction to how Decentraland runs on MANA, land ownership and the DAO.

Auditorium (7,6) - Introduction to events in Decentraland and discussion on how someone can build a career in the metaverse as a creator, or become established within Decentraland communities.

Circle Building (7,-1) - Discuss how to buy wearables, brief discussion on what kinds of wearables are available and how to use the Decentraland Marketplace. In addition we will briefly cover smart wearables.

Trade Center (6,-7) - Discuss MANA as an asset that can be bought and traded. At this point in the tour we will briefly cover how to set up a MetaMask wallet, and provide links in game to Decentraland content creators videos that go into further detail about MetaMask.

NFT Hallway (-1,-4) - Introduction to NFTs and discussion on the different forms they take in Decentraland.

Social Building (-2,-9) - Talk about Decentraland social media channels like Twitter and Discord. Briefly discuss the Builder and how it can be used via a link in this area. Furthermore, we will cover Decentraland content creators.

Rose Building (-7,7) - The final tour stop will be used to discuss communities in Decentraland that host events and other fun interactive experiences. We will introduce players to the Decentraland Events page. Tour ends with a question and answer portion.

Mega-Party - At the end of each month, new users will be invited to a Mega-Party hosted by MetaParty in Genesis Plaza at the auditorium. This party will take place on the last friday of each month at 8pm UTC. It will feature performances from DJs like DJTrax and other performers associated with MetaParty. Special guests from the community will be invited for talks.

Lesson Outline:

Please refer to the PDF document linked below for a full lesson outline.



Founder, Head of Business Development and Community Management

Rezinator leads community management, project development and event hosting/planning for MetaParty. He plays a key role in building partnerships and acquiring sponsorships for the company. Rez has hosted more than one-hundred metaverse events while creating and marketing 10+ MetaParty NFT collections.

Rez has a healthy addiction to providing unique and amazing experiences within the metaverse, developing quality relationships with community members and making new connections with future MetaParty partners.

New Legends
Founder, Head of Content and Social Media

New Legends oversees marketing, communications and content production at MetaParty. He manages company social media channels like Twitter and YouTube. New Legends also co-hosts events with the Founders and produces the MetaParty Live Podcast.

Founder, Head of Development and Tech

Lofi is the primary developer at MetaParty who’s lead the charge in creating our website while designing builds for our Decentraland parcel. He also designs games and other fun metaverse experiences for event attendees.


We will hire additional personal with grant proceeds. A financial breakdown and application forms are visible in the PDF linked below.


Roadmap and milestones

First Milestone: April 21st - English Language Tours and Lessons Commence

Second Milestone: May 21st - New addition of Spanish Language Tours

Third Milestone: June 21st - Team of staff members at Waterfall helping and answering questions Monday - Friday to rotate in shifts from 12pm UTC - 12am UTC.

Fourth Milestone: July 21st - New Lessons added - Introduction to Event Hosting and Play to Earn Games.

Fifth Milestone: August 21st - New addition of Chinese Language Tours

Sixth Milestone: September 21st - Genesis Plaza Mega-Party. In September, each Friday at 5pm UTC MetaParty will host an event with performers, musicians, stand-up comedy and more in Genesis Plaza.

By the sixth month MetaParty will have hosted 530 unique tours in Genesis Plaza, and we will then submit another grant proposal to continue this work.

Tour guides and support members will need to sign a document after every shift, with details about their day’s work. In addition we will share images of the tours on the MetaParty Twitter account. New Legends and Rezinator will oversee tour guides and ensure the tours are carried out to a good standard.


Due to character limitations, we have created a PDF document which you can view with the link below. Detailing further information on the hiring process and financial breakdown.


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Hey everyone, due to character limitations we have linked a more detailed description throughout the proposal. You can find financial breakdowns on the last two pages of the linked PDF.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have!

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the best one
i think it its the best proposal

Good evening everyone. I was reading one of your posts on Genesis to move the players sleeping in the lobby … why can’t you select and copy the messages in the messages? not everyone speaks English at least so one can use a translator and then move more easily

I would also eliminate the microphone if we all spoke in all languages at the same time it would be a mess … I would only keep it in private

I love the initiative <3

I just wanted to add: The building you call the Rose Bud was originally internally named the Artichoke. It’s meant to be a pun, Art-ichoke. Every building was designed to stand for an aspect of the platform or a feature we wanted to direct people to, this one was about live artistic events.


LFG ! They got my vote since day 1

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Hey MetaParty team!

Everyone here at Metaverse Architects loves this idea, and we’re ready to throw all our support your way!

Could we touch base sometime soon and see how we can best collaborate to help you push this project further into the limelight? We like what you’re building, and feel we have a lot of potential synergies here.

Looking forward to it!
Meta Archs Team


Thank you so much for the kind words, we plan to use the Arti-ichoke building to introduce the audience to other communities who host regular events in Decentraland. In addition, I could see this this building being a great place to host with the proposed Mega Parties with live artistic events.

Furthermore, with the permission of the DAO it would be amazing to transforms these locations into regular events!

Hey thank you very much for your reply and support. I will most definitely get in touch with you to discuss this further!

Hey thank you for your reply, I agree it could become hectic. But in our trail tours we were able to keep the situation under control and deliver a quality tour, with the language berries in place.

Furthermore, in my opinion it’s part of the onboarding experience to introduce new players to the audio functions inside Decentraland, meaning the microphone is a necessity.

Genesis Plaza Tours, Interactive Lessons, and Community Engagement

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 38% 766,394 VP (71 votes)
  • No 1% 9,419 VP (3 votes)