[DAO:c5pm4ge] Should We Utilise Genesis Resources

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This governance pre-proposal is to set up a booking system for the Genesis Plaza Auditorium for a pre-recorded video queue at the cost of 20mana per booking.


Currently there are spaces and resources that Decentraland have set up that can’t really be used. Allowing a way to book the auditorium is one way we can boost engagement, allow access to the metaverse for different types of industries and also support local twitch streamers.

Price has been placed to avoid the service being abused but also not so high it’s unobtainable to some users from a global perspective. This is a high traffic location and the more traffic, the higher mana value will become and this will justify a higher price for this streaming location.

This will allow users without access to land to hold small events, workshops and shows that’s easily accessible and being local to genesis plaza something to find straight away for new users to engage with. This will also allow Decentraland committee members or foundation to host talks or discuss updates that are separate from townhall.

The system will work as a kind of Juke-Box so it can be completely automattic without the need of a committee or central management. Users can supply a youtube or vimeo link when booking and the video will be added to the queuing system. When no video is laying it will revert back to the default looping video currently playing.

I’m happy to support where I can as a member of the community to have this implemented so momentum isn’t lost!

Decentraland currently has community resources that can be utilized to support the new users or creators without access to land. With the recent increase of land rental it would allow an easy way to run community events and simple revenue stream of mana into the DAO to fund future grants/proposals.

Allowing a booking system to the auditorium will benefit:

  • Film Makers
  • Streamers
  • Podcasts
  • Musicians/DJs
  • Educators
  • Animators

In the past we’ve seen successful events around movie showings , sports steaming and a need for that shared viewing experience.


Queued video service set up on the Governance forum with a fee to submit
NPC deployed (I can design or we can use existing robot NPCs) in the Auditorium that can have basic explanation of bookings and link to the governance forum
Vimeo or Youtube link supplied to avoid any harmful or IP infringement content
Contact details supplied and IP ownership signed by users when booking, so if something like unlicensed music or footage is played the ownership is on the user, and not Decentraland


This can be a test and learn to explore ways to develop new areas of revenue as part of the Decentraland platform, methods to utilise existing resources (Gamer Plaza, Las Vegas etc) and setting up a space to share with the community. This is also experimenting how much the community can influence the user experience in Decentraland community spaces that get overlooked.

A booking system can potentially expand to other community resources owned by Decentraland or foundation. This will reduce barriers to entry for a wide variety of industries and events like short film festivals, comedy shows, live performances, business presentations etc.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Invalid question/options

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Would love to know if this is possible from a platform development standpoint and any feedback that I might need to further this idea to develop new revenue streams for Decentraland DAO.

@nico @Nacho

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This sounds interesting. I would want to understand more. Questions and thoughts that come to mind include

  1. will this decrease the value for landowners ability to rent for those who wish to rent their land
  2. The event board could be more interesting valuable if it hosted streaming advertisements for different spaces as opposed to just an event board…similar to movie previews
  3. Might be interesting to use for educational events as opposed to entertainment events that could be hosted on land of current land owners and supporting those who have spent the money to own land.
  4. I think it would be great to see a Wisher Vodka video at the genesis plaza and I assume many others would find value in that kind of advertising as well



Thanks for the feedback! First post haha

  1. I dont personally believe this will devalue any renting ability/value because this isn’t really a bespoke experience and also can’t host streaming! Land holders can run larger scale events, stream and customise the space for renters including things like wearable giveaways and poap machines. This would be flicking through a list of videos and can remove a barrier for entry for people that can’t afford to rent or for promoters adding an extra point for people to find their land or upcoming event!

  2. The event board is a bit tricky because it’s set up to showcase ‘highlighted land’ and ‘upcoming events’ but a proposal like this will be able to tell us as a community if we have the opportunity to update things like this to meet the needs of the community.

  3. This idea came from wanting a community space to stream a walkthrough of the upcoming guideline updates for community so I really hope it can extend to spaces like the university to have some tutorials from YT or Vimeo shown.

  4. Next proposal needs to be for the bar space downstairs and getting wisher stocked haha



I like this as it would also feature promotional stuff and people from within the community could book it to show thier wearables, builds and services or host their talk shows or nfts. I think we would need a further structure so one person couldnt buy out whole blocks to keep things fair. Also to keep companies from coming in and constantly spinning ads. I welcome ad revenue but would like to keep content revolving to fit all players nations demographics. I think a bonus incentive to start is if no one is booking maybe as a perk we could have like a media playlist that could show past costumers videos like a perk. Not sure how hard that would be to implement but could be a cool feature to incentivize wanting to do this. I think something like this would fill up fast as we grow and more artist, musicians and communities enter. Also great idea to have alternate things returning some mana back to the dao.


I love that idea of something being added to prevent someone booking it out completely also really good addition to play repeated content when there is an empty queue !

If this progresses I’ll add that into the updated version :clap:

Thanks for the feedback~


This seems like a great idea to me!

Makes me think of how IRL people and festivals can do events in the park or a public square. It’s purpose is to bring people together for community, and this seems like a great idea for our community to be able to access.


Thanks for helping me understand the scope and intent better. I definitely think adding value where everyone enters the space to draw repeat visit and interest makes a lot of sense. Cheers!


It’s a great and much needed idea. The only issue I see is managing demand. You will have extremely high interest in this from both creatives and brands.

It might be worth allocating space for specific communities in the calendar. For example, no more than 30% can be booked by brands. Or trial without brands in the first instance.

You could also ask for curation by arts organisations over certain months, or run this through the #art and #wearables channels in the Decentraland discord. One model is how Objkt.com curates the art on the front page of its site - there is a dedicated discord channel for proposals, and one curator makes a quick selection each week. Happy to connect you to their curator Cabline if you would like a quick conversation.

This is also a great way of increasing Discord engagement.

For true diversity, I would suggest that artists / musicians have a lower economic barrier to entry than brands and commercial entities. Perhaps two tiers for booking based on the size of your team.


This is amazing feedback!!!
I would love to develop this further and possibly connect with Cabline if this pre-proposal is passed.
Definitely will add tiered pricing based on category which makes more sense. :thinking:

Would also be good to possibly have category availability based on location booked (at a later date).

Thanks for your feedback~


I love this concept, I think it’s a great way to get new funds into the DAO. With more brands coming in, of course they are going to want to advertise. That being said, I’m thinking about the man-power it will take for a real human to vet all the content and properly deploy it behind the scenes. Decentraland will have to hire a person to do this job, or add it to a current employee’s job duties. So we would need the Foundation to also agree that allocating funds for a person to do this work is something they would want to sustain long-term.


Originally I was considering to set up a committee to manage this but there was feedback around solutions to make it completely automated and an upload youtube.vimeo link into a "playlist’ style system would ensure it’s following IP and less hands that have to manage and hopefully creates a decentralised booking system. :thinking:

Would be good to get feedback from maybe @MrW_1981 and MrJ that have knowledge around automated processes. (not sure why MrJ I can’t tag lol)

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I appreciate the interest of our responses (me and @Sopsy (aka Mr.J)), here are my thoughts. :smiley:

Considering this is the first place a person lands when coming into Decentraland, I would be cautious on what is the “first impression” we are providing to the newcomers. I have a few reservations about it being a shilling place (even though I would like something like that to exist) I am not sure Genesis Plaza (upper level) is the right place for it.

It is definitely a high-volume area (considering we all login there) however, the stage downstrairs on the first level might be a better place for the shilling, and is not right in someone’s face when they pop in.

The other things I would consider, is if this was to go through, I would suggest removing the exising turn-stlye billboards as to prevent infromation overload. Too much information can drive someone away and/or create more confusion.

I honestly do like the idea of there being a rentable space for everyone to utilize and that is an idea I would support. Maybe a better location, something like an amphitheater, that is community rented and community content provided. Also, when not being used by community, it can be a video or banner to show how to submit a request for its usage.

As for automating this process, I would need to know monre of the inner workings to see if it is possible, since most of the commands can be done through API, I am almost sure it could be. However, with all Intelligent Automation, there are risks involved when the automation is to make a human-like decision (whether the content is offensive, violent, inappropriate, etc…) the automation will certainly not be able to distiguish this all on it’s own.

Great proposal, I would support it… up to a point (just think of a better place to do it) :smiley:

Genesis, might be better suited for how-to’s and things a new person might immediately need to know (just a thought).


Oooo just for context, to everyone reading this proposal, it is in regards to the Auditorium as part of Genesis Plaza~ @Canessa @bay @KLow @TheCryptoTengu @Sopsy

If this progresses would love to get your feedback on the best ways the automation process can work. I really appreciate the current feedback, I didn’t think some people might not have seen this public space before haha


Should We Utilise Genesis Resources

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Should We Utilise Genesis Resources

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