Unisex Avatar Body Shape


Currently I have been having trouble with posting content for both genders in the wearable collections. When the base-shirt model is made it has to have a torso wrapped to it however when attaching it to a female torso the waist stops too early when switched to a male avatar. The below image can be solved by not applying a female body shape to a male shape, in contrast I always use the female body to start off with before applying the model to a male shape to fit both, then extend the wearable to fit the male. This a an ok workflow but would be better if the male and female were the same size.

However, when a male is applied to a female it spills over the waistline causing the wearable to collide with existing mesh. This can easily be fixed by resizing the mesh around the female avatar but in consequence to this action the wearable can appear to take a weird unnatural shape on the male avatar. Fixing these problems would make the process of making wearables for both genders a lot easier.

I know just resizing is a good work around however it would be easier to have a unisex wearable body shape to make it easier to approve wearables especially if its your first time submitting.

Thankyou for reading.

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you will find it easier if you change your work flow, try building your tshirt out from the base model, once with male and second time with female. you can wrap it so the same texture works for both. from watching your posts about this im guessing you modelled the shirt then added in the body mesh.

Used a base model T-shirt which was attached to the male avatar, I can rework my modelling technique but the what I am saying is that making the male and female bodies end in the same place would be more convenient but not a burden if it is kept the same.

if you used the same model there would be no chest on the female so there is alterations to be made if the waist stopped at the same place. The reason for this is that females naturally have a differnt body shape (longer legs, wider waist)

The devs will allow you to make it a male or female only if you didnt want to model the other model. Id suggest doing the same as you did for this model with the female base model to get your female representation