The Decentraland Report Grant Proposal

Hello Decentraland Community!

The DCL Report team has been working hard to decentralize our mission towards historical preservation of our metaverse. I’m glad to present you the Proposal, Design, and Budget for the next phase of our build.

Please take time to review, and provide us your feedback or insight.

Thank you


Acreidto que a inteção do projeto está bem clara e transparece confiança, espero que assim como eu mais pessoa acreditem no potencial tanto de vocês quanto do metaverso. Estou iniciando rssentemte e este projeto me parace muito confiável, parabéns

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I follow Kevin and the DCL Report for some months and I can say that there are just a few guys in the DCL metaverse who’s willing to donate their time the way he does to make DCL known to as much people as they can. Kevin is surely one of them, so helping Kevin is helping DCL itself.