Decentraland Animated Series by The DCL Report

Hello DCL Community!

As you have seen, we are busy as always at The DCL Report covering the latest in Decentraland.

In parallel we are scripting an animated series which we will use to tell Decentraland’s story to the masses inviting creators around the world to join us and claiming our stake as the capital of the metaverse!

With that said, I’d like to invite you all to leave any thoughts commentary on some of our “guidelines” for each episode:

“The DCL Report: AVA on the Scene”
(Season Guidelines)

As a set of series guidelines, each episode will:

  • Be 2-3 minutes Maximum
  • Teach a Core Principle of Creative Philosophy
  • Introduce the user to a single skill/concept that will help to navigate the metaverse.
  • Consist of an underlying “Musical Arrangement” which will be a standalone piece of music which can be published, and listened to (similarly to Yasuke, by Flying Lotus)
  • Each episode should show a dual Micro (Humanity) and Macro (AVA) perspective.
  • Each Episode will feature a community member voted on by the DCL Report community using the $REPORT token (similar to how we voted on MetaMoments in the past)
  • Each episode should show and credit wearables from community designers
  • Each Episode will be sold as an NFT, to fund production of the next episode
    • 1,000 editions of each episode, $100 each.
    • Those who mint an episode get a higher rarity of the next one airdropped for free!
    • Everyone who mint’s an episode gets a Rare DCL Wearable featured in the episode.
    • Each Episode NFT earns you bonus $REPORT weekly

Proof of Concept Opening Sequence: The Decentraland Report Starting Now! #decentraland #metaverse #news #shorts - YouTube

When the grant program reopens in March, we will aim to apply for funding to create Episode 1, which should then fund further episodes in the season as minted. Viewers help unlock the next episode by minting out each episode.

Looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts, feedback, and ideas on how we can further improve and execute this vision.

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