Support for a new DAO focused Youtube show -

Hi guys I’m CryptoSI, long time crypto OG (since 2012) Owner of Cryptosi Gallery, Decentraland Fashion Street (-131 , 21 + -132 , 21) and current owner of SmartReach youtube Channel, I’ve been creating content for some years now, with a very small viewership and 0 promotion dollars spent, I usually create content in my spare time just for fun.

Currently I’m working on a new conecpt called DAOWatch which is a simple discussion based show about recent proposals across numerous DAO based blockchains, I always review DASH, PIVX and EVMOS but each episode I include a guest DAO, last episode it was Decentraland, but it has previously been MAkerDAO, Cosmos, MoonDAO and others.

I would like some support across social media from the Decentraland community please, to increase the reach and hopefully to spur some other people to create similar shows that highlight DAO topics.

Also please let me know how I could improve the show. The more people see it the more learn about Decentraland and DAOs in general.

Thanks for your time and here is the latest episode - DAO Watch EP #8 - Dexs, Evolution and Metaverse - YouTube


I can’t speak for the decenraland social medias since I do not control them but let me know if there is anyway i can ever help as well. I only got about 18,000 followers on twitter and depending on the the subjects you cover and the relevancy of my followers interests I may be down best I can. DAOs are the future so thank you for taking this path on amplifying these systems and communties.