[DAO:drcd2oe] Requesting for a grant to boost a video on YouTube regarding Decentraland parcel ownership

by 0x5a1e0d4c19e3cb275ca8b9e42ab532ce2441a346 (nonfungibletc#a346)

GM DCL Community!

Please forgive me if I am missing anything, but I haven’t been officially involved in a DAO before and this idea just came to my mind and I wanted to gauge the community’s thought towards this idea.

I am a video content creator and a parcel owner, in the past, I have hosted several Decentraland events on my parcel, hoping to bring people together and to create experiences within the Decentraland Metaverse.

I started my channel because I felt that many stories within Web 3.0 were not told and many influencers only focus on the monetary aspect of the space, if you are interested in what I am doing, you can check it out on my website or some interview snippets on my Instagram.

My website is: www.nonfungibletc.com

Interview Highlights: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17954641258811748/

This was my Gallery Opening Event: Non-Fungible TC HQ Gallery Opening Party - YouTube

Interview with Franklin and Gallery Event: Who is Franklin and why does he own so many Bored Apes, #BAYC Slideshows with Franklin Caldwell - YouTube

Recently, I have created a video about my journey as a parcel owner and shared some tips and tricks on how to do your research and what factors to consider when buying land on the Decentraland platform.

Since my channel is all organic, I wasn’t able to get a lot of views, and seeing that Decentraland has a DAO, where people could apply for funding. I was wondering if I could request for an advertising funding and buy advertisement on YouTube, so that more people could understand what it is to be a parcel owner and the steps involved?

My video has nothing to do with price predictions or parcel predictions, but more of an outline of what to consider before buying land, buying land, and what you can do after buying land.

My experience as a parcel owner: - YouTube

The question I have is whether the community would be interested in this request for grant and if something similar has been done before? Usually what would be the budget for a similar request and what proof or deliverables are needed if a proposal is approved?

So far everything that I have done with regards to the channel are all non-paid, since I really want to let people know more about the Web 3.0 space, besides some transaction fees, I could basically allocate thee whole budget on the advertisement spend, since I really hope to let people understand this space.

Looking forward to your feedback and advice!

Non-Fungible TC

  • Yes, would be interested!
  • No, would not be interested!
  • Invalid question/options

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Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to post here in the governance forum. It takes courage and a bit of temerity. Please be encouraged by the number of people who have engaged with your poll.

What value are you going to bring to Decentraland? If you are simply asking for money to gain exposure for your work, that’s going to be declined by many people here in DCL. I want to see what DCL gets for their money. You’ve got 8 people in your video but only 5 likes on that video. The content appears to be of a decent production quality.

Spend time growing your audience. Find out who they are and why they would like DCL. Come back when you have that figured out. “I have 3,000 followers who love my DCL content.” That is something to offer when you ask for funds.

You can certainly apply for a grant and receive funding provided you give updates on your progress. You’d need to indicate specific, measurable benchmarks and meet them.

I will be voting no on this poll.

Requesting for a grant to boost a video on YouTube regarding Decentraland parcel ownership

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, would be interested! 1% 140 VP (9 votes)
  • No, would not be interested! 42% 649,855 VP (4 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 57% 864,161 VP (37 votes)