Sammich Game Legendary prizes 28-30 Aug

Sammich-game Beta release 28 Aug

It’s time again to have a funny time in decentraland with our friends and the community, so, I am more than happy to announce the release of this multiplayer pixelart game in an event over the weekend of 28 August to 30 August where we can have fun all together and win prizes in decentraland.

Prizes raffle

We have a bunch of prizes thanks to WonderZone, DAppCraft, Pixelchain, Metazone, DecentralGames and Decentraland: X Legendary wearables, Wondercoins and 1 Game license to trade or deploy in LAND via

A requirement to participate in the raffle is to have a registered name on Decentraland with your Ethereum wallet. If don’t you have experience with Ethereum wallets, have a look to How to get a wallet, then register a name in

Ensure you play with the maximum number of different registered people in different locations in order to have more chances to win the raffle. You can go to decentraland discord and ask for friends to play with:

The chances to win the raffle raises depends on the minimum number of different registered avatars you play with and the number of different locations you play on; to be precise, the formula is:

min( uniqueRegisteredNames , locations )

For example, imagine a user playing with other 4 registered users in 5 different locations, then the points for the raffle is the minimum of both numbers: 4

For transparency for the raffle, I will generate a fingerprint of a shuffled list of participants and share with community before using an external source of randomness.


The starting point will be at -95,-89 next to DappCraft Main Store and ManaFever Game,
There we will have a game instance and links to other locations.
Here the link to access the start location:


I will be happy if you join our Discord server (Mana fever studio) to give your feedback:

Have fun :wink:



To know about the prizes given, follow the twitter thread