Decentraland SDK/Builder contest: #VOXTERS


You may have heard of a new 3D NFT coming to decentraland: #VOXTERS

I’m glad to announce a new builder/SDK contest organised by

Topic: #Voxters, of course :wink:

End date of submission: June 6 2021 UTC

The prize

The prize is 100 voxters to giveaway and 3 “Sammich gamer” wearables:

  • Unicorn pants
  • Sammich Upbody
  • Frog fins

The first prize winner will choose the wearable first and so on. (if gas is high, winners will need to mint and pay gas cost of the transfer with a claim code, although I think it’s quite lower than wearable prices on market)


The theme of the submitted scenes should have relation with #voxters and make them appear in scene

You can find the resources to implement voxters in your scene in the following repository:

For people without knowledge to use SDK but willing to use the builder, there is a smart-item zip file available on you can import into as new asset.
Also we just provided an editor to find the tokenId for each voxter with certain properties: interactive-text

You don’t need LAND to participate, just share link to your scene, or link of preview/repo if you use SDK.

Comments and doubts:

For any comment or doubt, join our discord:

Scene submissions:
You will need an Ethereum wallet. If you don’t know what Im talking about have a look to Get a Wallet – Beginners guide | Decentraland
Fill the following form when your scene is ready for review with the details to receive prizes:

Judges: To be defined


For any possible change on the contest follow this forum thread