[DAO: QmR5m5G] VoxBoards HQ Skate P2E Game in Decentraland

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


VoxBoards is a project born in Decentraland (late December 2021), created for/with its community. We have been collaborating with many members of the space with the goal of mutual growth and union between users, projects, brands and Decentraland.
We created many skateboard related NFTs including 3D models, wearables and assets. We have been organizing and sponsoring several events and contests. During april we tested a small alpha version of the skatepark with a p2e game, running with daily users:

Alpha tests gallery:


Feel free to DM Miguel Amargo.

Grant size

39,800 USD

Beneficiary address



What will we develop?

VoxBoards HQ at the Meta GamiMall(147,60):

  • Skateshop: HQ’s Lobby and shop

  • Skatepark: P2E Game

  • Stage/Gallery: Events and promotion

Skate Shop:

The HQ lobby, where users will find an assistant, Decentraland wearables and other NFTs to purchase. The wearables on the shop will benefit the players during the P2E. Perks will include power-ups and game avatars(Avatar Swap). This will raise the value of those NFTs, their ownership, the project and Decentraland.

Skatepark P2E:

Players will have tokens to collect, obstacules and enemies to avoid, compete for top scores, win prizes, use NFTs and enjoy a skateboarding game in Decentraland.
Skatepark, characters, avatars and assets can be changed according to events, seasons and tournaments. This will allow other projects to join and give the opportunity for their communtities to experience NFT ownership utility, which will bring more traffic and value to Decentraland simultanously.
The player can access the skatepark by teleport from the shop/lobby. Inside the skatepark,the user can log in and play. There will be rounds of 3 minutes to catch a limited amount of tokens, enemies to avoid and diferent levels to unlock.


A place for events and promotional content, where users can join, hang out and celebrate. NFTs can be displayed and purchased, users can learn more about Decentraland, NFT utility, web3, watch in-game and IRL competitions, interviews, streamings, videos and interact with assets.
We will utilize this feature to bring more projects to decentraland and experience the metaverse, by offering a space where they can find their target costumers and give more utility possibilities to their community members and customers.
The skatepark and stage assets, characters and gallery can be customized. We are ready to host events, create avatars, wearables, assets and promotional content.
The player can access the skatepark by teleport from the shop/lobby or skatepark.

How will it be sustainable?

Our plan is to have a space where other projects and brands can relate and join, which will bring more users. Creating more wearables for decentraland with game features will bring more value to the NFTs and Decentraland.
There are many people interested in skateboarding and we believe this project can expand quickly and bring gamers, IRL skaters, brands, NFT projects and their communuties if done on a bigger scale.

Once we have the HQ running we can generate income by:

  • Renting space for exposing NFTs and other merch, making them available for purchase
  • Custom events for clients
  • Creating/Selling NFTs with game utility
  • Selling merch(IRL or NFT)

The funds from DAO would allow us to create improved and sustainble experiences that we can later present to users, clients and collaborators. We plan to work with iconic creators, invest on promoting and bringing more people in, by building a platform with a fun game-play and dynamic supportive enviroment.


In order to complete the project we need to build the HQ, design characters and other assets, develop the game structure/mechanics and code using SDK.

Skate shop:

  • SkateShop Model: base model and interior decorations.

  • Assistant Model: character at the store that users can interact for guidance about the HQ .

  • Forge Machine: to forge items and NFTs

Skatepark P2E game:

  • Skatepark model: The base.

  • Skatepark assets: diferent models that we can upload for different levels and challenges in the game.

  • Animated platforms and obstacules: assets to make the gameplay more challenging and appealing.

  • Tokens: to collect all around the skatepark. They can be used to craft items and NFTs.

  • Game Avatars: We will start with 10 avatars! 10 that can be earned or bought and are associated with wearables (limited stock on both options). The game avatars are NFTs, using the same technology as in the MetaDoge NFT CoinRace (Avatar Swap). The will be specially designed and animated for the game.

  • Assistant: To guide the user…

  • Friends: Skater characters cheering for you and giving you tips when you approach and interact with them

  • Enemies: Security characters who will collide with the players if unavoided and teleport them out of the building. Enemies skating around the park who will collide if unavoided and make player loose tokens.

  • Wearables: The “voxboard bundle 1”(lower body) will provide the utility to enter and play the game. “VoxBoarder”(skin) has 2 representations which will be associated with 2 avatars. Other existing wearables are going to grant bonus scores in game. We will also create and publish 5 more skater clothing items and 4 more skins to be associated with 8 avatars.
    Creating total of 9 more wearables instead of other NFTs for the Avatar Swap it’s a way to bring back funds to the DAO while giving more value to Decentraland, MANA, and trading.


  • Stage Model: The base model and interior decorations.

  • Assets: Screen, poap machine, ramps and other skateboarding related assets, for the space to be more fun and interactive.

  • Gallery: Displaying NFTs and other content linked to markets.

  • Assistant: To guide the user and teleport to other area.


  • Building HQ base model (design) - $2,100
  • P2E development (game mechanics, design and assets) - $3,000
  • 4 skins/8 designs (design + publishing fees) - $4,400
  • 10 game avatars associated with wearables* (design for game + animations) - $6,600
  • 1 assistant (design + animations) - $400
  • 2 friendly characters (design + animations) - $400
  • 2 enemy characters (design + animations) - $1000
  • 5 wearables (design + publishing fees) - $5,500
  • SDK development (setup Grab Coin+Avatar Swap+interactive characters and assets+maintnance and updates) - $10,000
  • Launch event ( promotion, advertising, hosts and djs) - $4,000
  • Community management - $2,400

*1 of the 10 avatars will be associated with decentraland wearables: “VoxBoarder”. It will redesigned to be on a skateboarding pose and have game animations (stopped, pushing, riding and jump+trick).


Miguel Amargo: Founder/Marketing/Designer/Concept

DOCTORdripp: Designer/Concept

Dj TRAXX: DJ/Event Organizer/Social Media

Lady Lena: Advertising/Social Media

ParagonDCL: Community manager


Meta Live Studios: Land/SDK


Voxboards team will continue to collaborate with decentraland creators for 3D designs, game development, promotional content, advertisment and will also invest on reaching outside the community for pro skaters, Djs, gaming, crypto and NFT influencers.

The team members for this project have been working hard on improving decentraland, help and expand the community. We also have the advantage to have both, portuguese and english speakers who can reach, invite and assist a wide range of people.

Roadmap and milestones

The VoxBoards main team and collaborators will focus on the community and game and design while our partners will develop SDK. We expect to have the HQ fully ready to launch, with the P2E game, in 6 months.

1st phase: Building the HQ, the assets, the characters, game avatars and new wearables.

2nd phase: Animating characters and assets. Developing gameplay mechanics.

3rd phase: SDK development.

4th phase: HQ tests.

5th phase: Promotion. HQ/P2E Launch event. Wearables and game avatars release. Utilities upgrade.

6th phase: P2E game.Promotion.Contests.Maintenance.

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would love to see this stuff done when smart wearables are a thing but since the foundation is dragging its az and cant fix female walk im vote yes now. Good luck team.


Happy to be one of the first that voted yes on this! gonna be epic!


This would be an awesome place in decentraland

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A very cool project! I have several NFTs, and participated in the alpha test of the skate park! You are well done, I hope you will succeed!

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Awesome project and I would love to have more things in DCL to do like this! A couple questions though if you don’t mind… 1. How do you plan to animate the avatars, to my understanding you can’t do that at the moment. 2. Have you looked into the awesome repository: GitHub - decentraland-scenes/coin-pickup: Coin pickup mechanic where the player moves over the coins to collect them., GitHub - decentraland-scenes/avatar-swap: Swapping out the default avatar model for another character model. the code for what you’re requesting money to be developed is already available for free. Hopefully this helped you, looking forward to your response.


Love the idea, being a gamer and someone that was a skating enthusiast. I think it would be a great addition to DCL and would incur a stronger player base if we had more active games to play.

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Thank you for your time! I will give some more information about the plan. 1 - We will have to run with the current DCL limitations. Initially the avatar will have to be static on skateboarding pose. We will prepare the animations for promotional purposes and for later when we DCL allows us to upload them.
The characters, other than the avatar, will be animated in game already, which is allowed. Each one of them has their own animation.
2. Thank you for sharing the link. We are not requesting money to develop it, we are already using it. We tested with the community and this is our proposal to make it bigger, better and sustainable. The package deal with the sdk team is considering: 1 year of rent, setting up avatar swap, place tokens around the skatepark; programming the assistants, friends, enemies, teleports, leaderboards, score tracking system, forge machine, poap machines, items for purchase and interactive assets.
Considering again the limits of what can be done at the moment, we will often change the disposition of the assets we will produce in order to create new levels, events and challenges, for it to be dynamic. Hope it answered your questions. Any other, let me know!


loving this proposal

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Ok thank you for the response.

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this project will be a success! God bless you!

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Congrats on your achievement Miguel and team, you deserve!


VoxBoards HQ Skate P2E Game in Decentraland

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VoxBoards HQ Skate P2E Game in Decentraland

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