12 Legendary NFT Giveaway “DCL1YO” (FINISHED)


It’s time again to have a funny time in decentraland with our friends and the community, so, to celebrate the birthday of decentraland, we have prepared a new event where everybody will have a chance to win new wearables. But this time there will be 2 raffles of 12 wearables in total, 1 for players and other for supporters, bellow there are the instructions for both raffles.

Event ends 2021-03-06
Wearables: https://opensea.io/bundles/full-sammich-bundle-YvF

Players raffle

6 pieces of the “Sammich gamer” wearables

A requirement to participate in the raffle is to have a registered name on Decentraland with your Ethereum wallet. If don’t you have experience with Ethereum wallets, have a look to How to get a wallet, then register an avatar name in https://builder.decentraland.org/names?referral=XCPQ3H

Ensure you play Sammich ganme against the maximum number of different registered people in different locations in order to have more chances to win the raffle. You can go to decentraland discord and ask for friends to play with: https://dcl.gg/discord

The chances to win the raffle raises depending on the minimum number of different registered avatars you play with and the number of different locations you play on; to be precise, the formula is:

min( uniqueRegisteredNames , locations )

For example, imagine a user playing with other 4 registered users in 5 different locations, then the points for the raffle is the minimum of both numbers: 4

Participation for this raffle ends at 2021-03-06
You can follow player event score (raffle tickets) on https://mana-fever.com/event-score


The starting point will be at -30,61 next to WonderZone

Some locations can be found in metazone links: MetaZone.io Sammich Game

And for other locations you should discover yourself, maybe asking on discord chats:

Supporters raffle

Bought Sammich game in metazone.io : 2 ticket
Deployed sammich in dcl world : 3 tickets
Bought ManaFever in metazone.io: 10 tickets
Deployed manafever : 8 tickets
Sammich Wearable owner : 8 tickets
Any wearables from DappCraft: 1 ticket
Any Wonderzone wearable: 1 ticket
Any decentralgames wearable: 1 ticket
Any CoronaZombies wearable (metazone) : 1 ticket
Any art minted by pablo.dcl.eth on rarible (Rarible - create and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain): 1 ticket
Any art minted by Slywest on rarible (Rarible - create and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain): 1 ticket
Voted Sammich wearables proposal : 1 ticket
(Date of snapshot to be defined)

If you end winner from any of the raffles you will need to mint the wearable yourself, we will provide a tool for that. If you don’t mint for long time (lets say years) and there are not more wearables available in the contract you will just lose the wearable.

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when will this be drawn? or has it already been?

The “players” raffle, 6 wearables, has been already, the event finished 2021-03-06T23:59:59Z

helmet: Silentstorm
upbody: SatoshiFlipper
pants: Nhine
sneakers: Cehu
fins: Clapper
hair: Libras

Are you any of them?

The result was taken using seedrandom and eth block hash of https://etherscan.io/block/countdown/11991020 as seed (before it was mined), executing script from GitHub - pabloes/sammich-raffle, it was announced in discord channels.

Tomorrow we’ll start on providing a page where the winners can mint the wearables themselves.
Also we will start preparing the “supporters” raffle.

ah sorry i hadn’t checked the discord channels,

nope non of those are me unfortunately, although i only had one entry so it wasn’t looking likely anyway,

will there be another giveaway soon?
Thanks for the opportunity anyway!

Thanks a lot to you also for the interest and participation. No need to sorry at all.

About similar event again there is no plan for now, I would like to make improvements before doing another, the decentraland aniversary was a really good reason to do it.

I feel the people that have participated and won nothing, but the supply is really limited for those wearables, however there is something that starts being planned so that more people can be rewarded, just follow decentraland and its community stuff :slight_smile:

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