Proposal: Road Names

Road Names

Where the Streets Have No Name :notes:


Naming all the roads can add personality and functionality to the world (Fig. 1). Finding your way around will be improved, as well as players being drawn to particular places because of a fondness for the name. LAND prices may even increase along the most popular streets. Who wants the address No.1 Satoshi Way?


This proposal was originally pitched by Sam (toonpunk) and this write up was written by Xavi Palaum and modified by me.

User Story

Alice meets Bob at the Genesis Market. They have a nice conversation but she needs to do some shopping first. Alice asks Bob if they can meet at the corner of Genesis Block north with Hackers Gate in 20 minutes.

Mike receives instructions from Sam to take part in the annual Decentraland Marathon. The starting line is where Gibson Avenue meet Genesis Plaza. The road sign posts along the marathon path have been reskinned so that nobody loses their way.

Fig 1: a map with road names is more believable and interesting.


We should have a general theme or themes we want to use for all road names and the acceptance criteria, this post is necessary for the community to brainstorm and/or vote on the final names.

General criteria:

  • Min length: 6 characters
  • Max length: 20 characters (as it will be displayed, including spaces)
  • Cannot be political or controversial


Science Fiction

Stephenson’s Mews (Snow Crash)

Cline Place (Ready Player One)

The Gibson Avenue (The Grandfather of Cyberpunk)

P. Kindred Dock (Bladerunner)

Science and Technology

Lovelace Lane (first ever developer)

Turin Quay (invented the computer)

Berners Freeway (inventor of WWW)


Nolan Arcade (first Game Console)

Pong Wall (first video game)

Pop Culture

Wei Path (Chinese artist)


Satoshi’s Way

Vitalik’s Way

The Hard Fork

Location Based

District Proximity

Hunter S. Thomson Boulevard (Vegas)

Woodstock Walk (Festivaland)

Metaversity View (University)

Map Location

Genesis Block

Pixel Parade

Decentral Park Avenue

Use Cases


  1. As a player, I see the main roads have a name on Mini-Map and on Nav Map.

  2. Re-deploy main roads to include the scene name.


  1. As a player, I see a welcome message toaster when I enter a road with a name.
  2. As a player, I see street sign posts within the Plazas with directions to the different roads around the Plaza.


  1. As a LAND owner, I get a unique street name + number address for my Scene.
  2. As a player, I can search on the full Nav-Map by street name and number


  • As a player, I see street signs with the road names on main roads
  • Partnering companies could be gifted or pay for a street name.
  • We could run a community competition to name a street.