[DAO: QmYmKP7] Add district names to decentraland map

by 0xaf0e126d11161fd002200e980103b78470e660e4 (Ina)

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Add district names to decentraland map.


Add district names to decentraland map


Identify the distrincts in the decentraland map


Since I entered decentraland for the first time, and today in my day to day life, I see these huge masses of blue land and I never know which district is which.

I see no point in not having your name on the map!


The dao should add the district names in a different style than the point of interest.


people will be able to easily identify the districts and understand what those big blue zones are.

The negative point is that some districts seem abandoned and not yet dissolved.
But it would make it easy to find the active and developing districts, for example ethermon district.

Implementation Pathways

The technical team should decide the style of the names to make it different than the points of interest.
It would be up to your discretion, as well as the way in which the districts can manage the name.


Add district names to decentraland map to identify them.

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Great proposal, Iā€™d also love to see the roads get named! Sam mentioned the idea of naming roads briefly in a recent twitter spaces, and I think that is also a great idea!


Add district names to decentraland map.

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 31% 2,030,035 VP (71 votes)
  • No 69% 4,398,980 VP (1 votes)