Programmatic Advertising to Monetize Decentraland

Proposal: Generate revenue from Controlled Programmatic Advertising Campaigns in Decentraland.

Motivation: I’ve been working in programmatic advertising industry with my company Taggify since 2012. We’ve developed an engine to enable supply partners to monetize spaces through Real-Time Bidding. Currently we are working in Digital Out oh Home advertising with our technology, and I belive we can do the same thing in the metaverse.


Use cases: I’m imagine a controlled advertising platform where Demand could buy different audience segments (based in the metaverse), this means: Metaverse Districts / Looks / Levels, etc. This should be done through an Intuitive UI that specify the technical specs / the impression values, etc. Any Creator will have the chance to monetize specific placements (no more than x% of total area) to take care about the quality. Also Creators can promote this places by using the Demand Platform.

User stories:

As a builder user, I want to be able to Monetize some spaces so I can earn extra incomes from my visitors through programmatic advertising.

As a promoter / advertiser, I want to be able to advertise my product or district or event to specific target, so I can get visibility or my product/service through programmatic advertising.

So, if you are interested, I would love to talk with you and put my team to achieve this: