[DAO:5eysyvy] Wearable Advertising Space Facility & Decentraland Loyalty Points Programme

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Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


ADVERTISING SPACE FACILITY (AD BOOSTER) - Purchase Advertising Space on the wearable marketplace to spotlight a published item for a selected time. In addition, sellers will be able to see what their forecasted reach would be from their chosen budget. Plus, sellers will receive demand analytics for advertising results.

LOYALTY POINTS PROGRAMME (LLP) - to reward users for spending MANA, gaining points that can be redeemed or offset to future transactions.
Our mission is to encourage the community to reinvest, contributing to growth in the Decentraland economy.

Our partners, RAFT, have been operating for 10+ years, taking on over 600+ projects and well-adapt to the ETH blockchain.

Grant size

73,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Providing Advertising Space Facilities and Loyalty Points schemes are proven to encourage engagement in marketplaces, social platforms and all.

AD Boosters will discover items in a high supply economy boosting high and low-exposure items:

FACT - According to ‘OnlineSales.ai’, “Introducing merchant-funded product listing ads can give a boost (to the Bottomline of the marketplace) of more than 50% of the revenue generated through GMV (Gross Merchandise Value). It significantly strengthens the revenue model of a marketplace.”

Loyalty Programme:


  • According to FORBES, “78% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand with a loyalty program.”
  • According to FinExtra, “71% of consumers say loyalty rewards programs are a meaningful part of their brand relationship.”

Selling wearables – Noticeably, a large supply of wearables enters the marketplace daily, giving sellers less time on the ‘Newest Items’ list and at the top of the item category page.

The grant will fund version 1.0, the initial instalment to AD BOOSTER & LLP. We anticipate that there will be further updates & added features required, post the project going LIVE from internal & external sources. Internally, being analysing user activity and externally, being user feedback.


Please see the link with our Project Spec - Decentraland Project Proposal - Google Docs


Raft - https://raftds.com/ - A team of Software Engineers & Developers.

Director Of Engineering at Raft - Evgeniy Kokuykin -https://www.linkedin.com/in/evgeniykokuykin/?originalSubdomain=ru

Software Engineering Manager at Raft - Vitaliy Shvetsov - https://www.linkedin.com/in/vitaliy-s-73297764/


Green Projects Marketplace:

Our engineering team have participated in Blockchain tech-related projects. One of them was a marketplace for Green projects investing. In that project, funding has been transferred from Buyer to Supplier via smart contract on the Ethereum platform. Large Global Technology lead this project to improve efficiency for new Green technology startups. Frontend and backend squads from Raft with ten engineers focused on building web applications and supporting the product launch.

Blockchain Network for Cloud Services Provider:

Another project related to Ethereum was implementing an on-demand blockchain network for a Major Cloud Services provider. Raft engineers have designed and coded VS Code extension for Cloud Blockchain services and added Truffle and Solidity integrations within that extension. The second team helped the customer’s engineering team quickly launch the web interface for Blockchain Cloud Service and test it before the public preview release at Ignite conference.

Roadmap and milestones

Please see the link with our ETA excluding and including a risk buffer. - Decentraland Project Proposal - Google Docs

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Hii, adding my comments here, as I’ve worked in Advertising full-time and have for the last 15 years in the US w large and small brands, and start ups, and am now transitioning to web3 to get away from the gross abuse of the industry and web2.

I personally don’t agree with having advertising space ppl can “buy” on the marketplace. I believe if we create a market for ad space usage on the marketplace, it will be the individual creators who will be put aside, as brands and those with money can take advantage. Also, DCL has just implemented more analytics to the marketplace so people can see top sales, who owns the most, etc for example. On top of that, if you go to the marketplace homepage, you see recent lisitngs, recent sales, etc. I’d also say engagement in the marketplace it pretty well engaged when it comes to wearables. Aside from land and name sales, wearables bring in quite a bit for the DAO and it’s for creators.

But I do think the current system doesn’t benefit wearable creators as much as it could, in fact in some ways, it burdens them to think ab how much they need to charge in order to make back the publishing fee, and then profit. This already sets them up in a disadvantage. But I do know if we remove the fee we have now, where will those funds come from for the DAO? This makes me think this could be a larger issue we should all discuss.

In addition, a loyalty program for a decentralized social platform, doesn’t make sense to me. DCL isn’t a business as far as I understand it. And while yes, they may have a brand, the brand stands for a lot of things, a centralized agency or group is not it. I feel as though the way you speak of brands in these contexts is not comparable. This isn’t web2.

Again I’ll reiterate, there is already a newest items list, for both sales and listings on the homepage. Those aggregate in order of posting.

Then I look at the tier of the proposal and the amount being asked for, and I do not see how this type of integration and program would cost this much, as there is no clear budget breakdown, of the costs.

For all of these reasons above, plus the fact that you refer to its users mostly as sellers, customers, consumers, further adds to my thoughts that you seek to commodify this platform and its people to further a development build for y’alls resume, for this I will vote NO on this proposal.


I think asking for $73,000 to create an advertising space and rewards program is unrealistic. I would rather see those DAO funds used to promote wearable creators in world, rather than paying an external company to create this. Or if this is something the community expressed interest in wanting, I would rather see the Decentraland Foundation create it. Additionally, the address you are submitting this proposal with is not minted, which is the simplest form of showing an reinvestment into the Decentraland ecosystem.

As this is your second time submitting this grant, can you share what you’ve changed with this one from the first?

@Canessa since our last proposal we have now minted the name ‘VISIONS’ & we have added a “Team composition and cost estimate”.

In my personal opinion, I don’t think marketplace needs an ads space. There are metrics already in place to show what’s trending, latest releases and top sellers at the moment. Voting no for now.


Wearable Advertising Space Facility & Decentraland Loyalty Points Programme

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 2,227 VP (19 votes)
  • No 99% 3,650,405 VP (54 votes)