[DAO: QmTHfJR] Let me build custom and themed wardrobes for your parties and events

by 0xefd13f676744a527b1adce0b3c05834a54640ca8 (Remy)

Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


I am wanting to build a store location that players can visit to have custom and themed wardrobes and accessories designed and minted for their special occasions, events, and parties. With a grant, I will secure a location, use my designer to create the store front, and begin advertising my services using the rentable ad spaces on decentraland, as well as advertise my services on social media. My plan is to help decentraland grow by accomodating it’s players with unique avatar wearables and items as well as other unique nft items. I also, plan to utilize contests to gain traction and support customer retention to ensure sustainability of my enterprise. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity. Let’s create together!

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



My project will solve the problem of players not having any personal or private events to attend on the space by giving them an avenue to use themes to host an event, and my project solves the problem of not having anything to wear when they can not find themed wardrobes for their guests, or when they do not have the means to create their own wardrobes and need them sooner than later. Basically, I will be like the company “Party City” in that I will cater to that segment of the player population that has or wants to create events to celebrate.


To complete my project, I will use my designer to create the storefront, and then I will use he and our team to complete the orders that come in from the players. Our team uses blender software and we have a very talented pool of creative individuals to drive our goals forward.


I will use the billion day studios to reach my targets. They are proficient in blender, 3d modelling, 3d rendering, 3d animation, 3d design, After Effects, Graphic design, Auto CAD, Maya, CAD/RAM, Building Architecture, Interior Design, Caricature and cartoons, and animation.

Roadmap and milestones

I plan to report all of my progress to the community on a daily basis via the discord community channel. The roadmap is that I plan to have this operation completed in just over a month. The first week after receiving the grant, I will scout for land prospects. As soon as I have found one which I deem suitable as the prime location for my store front, I will move to secure the property. Once the scouting and purchasing phase is completed, and assuming this is in the first week, the next phase is to get my building design onto the location. So, the next week will be spent on interior design and testing the facility, as well as running advertisements to get attention to the store. The following two weeks will be the opening ceremony with contest giveaways and giveaways of avatar items to the first 100 visitors. During those two weeks, I will ramp up advertising on social media as well. This is the roadmap to bring my idea to fruition on decentraland.

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