Pre Proposal: Optimize MetaParty Events And CyberStrife Mobile Application

Platform Contributor

Grant Tier:
Tier 4: Up to $60,000 USD (6 months vesting) 1 Month Cliff

MetaParty was founded in June of 2021, our aim is to deliver exceptional experiences and events for the Decentraland community. As of date we have hosted over two hundred and fifty events to include: Metaverse Fashion Week 22, Parkour to Earn challenges, unique mini game experiences, live stream content and collaborated with DJ artists.

The MetaParty team is dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service and valuable relationships. Our aim with this proposal is to elevate MetaParty events, create the MetaParty HQ, host a minimum of 12 events per month, and create a mobile CyberStrife game within Decentraland by working with the MetaZone team.

Grant Size:
$60,000 USD

Beneficiary Address:

Contact Email Address:

MetaParty HQ
CyberStrife: RPG style Play-To-Earn game
Monthly community fashion shows

  1. MetaParty HQ
    Within the MetaParty HQ we intend to host 12 events per month including, dance parties, interactive mini game challenges and sponsored events. The build will have multiple levels and a user interface allowing players to easily teleport around the build and take part in multiple challenges. We intend to hire established artists from within the Decentraland community and onboard artists into Decentraland to perform at events. We intend to improve upon the MetaParty HQ over time.

  2. CyberStrife: RPG style Play-To-Earn game:
    Over the past four months, our team has been working hard to develop CyberStrife, a RPG-style Play-to-Earn game. We have released multiple versions of the game into Decentraland to gain feedback from the community. MetaParty has partnered with MetaZone to improve the experience of CyberStrife, by implementing a save game feature, NFT delegation feature and mobile distribution of the game. By having an array of diverse experiences in Decentraland, the team believes we will retain active users and build upon our community. By using a smart contract we will repay the DAO 10% royalties of all sales of the CyberStrife game. Furthermore, 10% of all CyberStrife and MetaParty merchandise will be sent to the DAO until the grant is fully repaid.

  3. Monthly Community Fashion Shows:
    The MetaParty team aims to highlight and showcase different artists within this space through our unique “Community Fashion Show” event. Earlier this year, MetaParty worked directly with the Decentraland Foundation to host MetaVerse Fashion Week 2022 (MVFW), in which numerous artists showcase their wearables to the community. Due to the success of MVFW the MetaParty team reintroduced Community Fashion Shows, originally we asked creators within the space to sponsor the event in an effort to raise a prize pool for the audience. We realized that this model limits certain creators from participating. Moving forward Community Fashions Shows will be free of charge, and aim to capture the phenomenal work of wearable artists within this community.

  4. Regular Live stream and Podcasts:
    As active YouTube and Twitch streamers, the MetaParty team (Rezinator and FriskyBumbleBee) has been creating live content surrounding topics and organizations within the Decentraland space, showcasing many individuals and organizations within this space and their hard work in getting to where they are today. The team believes that by providing engaging content and enabling collaboration between different organizations, we can potentially onboard and attract quality users into Decentraland.

  5. Cross Metaverse Hub
    The team will engage in community outreach to new metaverses (spatial IO in particular) and create a cross-platform hub in the MetaParty HQ. By collaborating with community leaders within Spatial IO, the team believes it will increase the organic growth of new users in Decentraland. The goal is to not only create a hub located in the MetaParty HQ but to also collaborate with Spatial IO, creating a unique build within their platform; this will create a bridge between both metaverses, allowing multiple events to happen in both Decentraland and Spatial IO.

The MetaParty team will be working directly with MetaZone, achieving the following: implementing the save game feature, listing the CyberStrife game for sale as a mobile version on the MetaZone website, redesigning the UI, ensuring data integrity and improving the game experience over time. The team will also create and release new NFTs, smart wearables, and create unique player experiences through the RPG system. We aim to collaborate with other Decentraland creators to bring more interoperability to DCL and diverse experiences which the team believes will assist in scalability and retention for the platform.

The CyberStrife game will be available to purchase on the MetaZone website as a Meta NFT. Owners of these NFTs can deploy the CyberStrife game to their land. Game data carries over between parcels and this offers landowners an opportunity to bring more foot traffic to their parcels. As previously mentioned 10% of all CyberStrife game sales will be sent back to the DAO via smart contract until the grant is fully repaid.

By introducing the mobile CyberStrife game we aim to expand our team over time and become self-sustainable meaning we will not request any additional proposals in the future. The team will continue to create and host unique experiences with an aim to improve upon each event.

In addition, Community Fashion Shows are popular events within the Decentraland community and have been since MetaVerse Fashion Show 2022. The team will incorporate this as a continuous event that will be hosted once a month. A new build will be created by the team for each event and all community wearable / emote creators will be invited to walk the runway and showcase their designs for no charge. A prize pool will be allocated for each event, giving players an incentive to create and post Decentraland videos to twitter and youtube to win prizes. Furthermore the entire audience will be invited to walk the runway at the end of the events and showcase their favorite outfits in the “Best Dressed Challenge”.

You can watch over 110 videos focused completely on Decentraland and MetaParty via The Rezinators YouTube channel, furthermore FriskyBumbleBee has hosted over 25 streams centered around Decentraland on twitch, re-uploading those videos to YouTube.

The Rezinator:


Budget Breakdown:

Founder, Global Director of Business Development and Community Management

  • Rezinator leads community management, project development and event hosting/planning for MetaParty. He plays a key role in building partnerships and acquiring sponsorships for the company. Rez has hosted more than two hundred metaverse events while creating and marketing MetaParty NFT collections.
    • Discord: Rezinator#7059
    • Twitter: @Rezinator#7059

Founder, Director of Development and Technology

  • Lofi is the primary developer at MetaParty who’s lead the charge in creating our website while designing builds for our Decentraland parcel. He also designs games and other fun metaverse experiences for event attendees adding UI onto the land for a better experience.
    • Discord: T3r_r0foR8m#0117
    • Twitter: @LofiMoonMen

Creative Director of 3D Design

  • Yummy constructs all MetaParty wearables and designs asset packs which are used within builds and events. Furthermore, he also contributes to front end development and creates merchandise for CyberStrife and MetaParty.
    • Discord: Keos#3269
    • Twitter: @yummyboii

Director of Operations and Global Strategy:

Global Internal Communications Assistant

JK is a community manager for the MetaParty discord and Decentraland events, guiding players through challenges and assisting in any queries the community may have.

  • Discord: jk5915#4794
  • Twitter: @PDogetto

Roadmap And Milestones:
Introduce Monthly Community Fashion Shows and 12 events per month. (Parkour, dance parties and mini game challenges)

Create one single player level of the CyberStrife Game and begin development on the save game feature.

Integrate the save feature to save coins and stats once a player completes a level.

Create multiple quests via a “Quest Board” to allow users to choose quests

Modify new quests, which can only be unlocked with select wearables that players can earn within

Add a Load Level feature which enables users to quit games and go back to the point in the level they were before.

Initiate the “Monthly Mini Games” to create fresh and engaging content.

Make the CyberStrife game available for sale on the MetaZone website as a Meta NFT.

Release Version one of the single player game to selected Beta Testers as a closed BETA

Create Boss Levels with attacks to be played after certain quests are completed.

Test the interface of the savable “Boss, Levels, and Quest” functionalities with beta testers from the DCL community and test auto NFT

Create a list of savable ranks with rewards for getting past levels and collecting items in the game.

Test Feature to erase a history of a level to allow the player to restart one instead of starting from save.

Test and refine the auto NFT send function for winners of competitions.


Hey Decentraland Community, we would love to get your thoughts on the pre proposal above before we submit this as a grant :slight_smile:


Hey Decentraland Community,
I’ve been attending MetaParty Events for quite some time.
The MetaParty Events and the CyberStrive wearables have amazing utility to them. The events are advertised and consistent. A wonderful challenge to complete the mazes and the parkour which takes my mind off other things and allows me to immerse into completing the challenge. I like that the live youtube includes all who do participate in each daily event.

Monthly been attending and participating in community fashion shows; where MetaParty coordinates and plans to have creators within decentraland participate in addition to those in the community that wear the wearables to showcase. Prizes are won with each individual’s participation. Truly genuinely great seeing everyone enjoying themselves when they visit the location for exploration of each build that is presented to the noticed events both on decentraland events and in the MetaParty discord community.


Thankyou for this great comment. All the MetaParty team are working hard to make events better for everyone.


The whole proposal looks and sounds awesome! I know a couple of DCL whales who will definitely want to get behind you guys on this. Good luck!


Thank you so much for being a solid community members and thanks again for the super nice words!

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Appreciate you taking the time to read the pre proposal my man! And again we appreciate the support so much!

The Proposal looks great, there are some editing changes that could be made, but overall its clearly understandable. I love the progress and plan so far, as it seems accomplishable, and not a long wait time to see results


Hey thanks for the feedback man, I will defo get the edits made asap!

Thank you everyone so much for the kind words and feedback! we really appreciate everyone’s time.

I think it is good. But, I think that 10% royalties on everything you guys sell back to the DAO is good enough. Do not pay back the $60,000. Nobody else does. So why would you? That’s what the DAO is for to build the community and you are contributing to that so they are to pay you to do that. That’s what the proposal is all about it’s not a loan

It is a grant

I think that paying them back at all or anything is not normal. You are building the game so they are paying you to do that and you are also bringing in liquidity for the token to be moved around with the game and all the stuff.

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Happy to be contributing along side the MetaParty team in bringing in citizens into Decentraland. Together we’ll be able to work on great IP and align landowners, players, and content owners to help grow and distribute activities that can be hosted by any landowner.

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Very Very solid proposal!! can’t wait to vote yes on this <3


An awesome, hard-working team that adds so much to Decentraland each and every day.

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Hey cryptojones thanks for the feed back, what specifically could be changed?

Thanks Xchang we really want this to pass to any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.