New model formats (USD & VRM)

DCL currently only supports GLB/GLT models, we should upgrade DCL where possible to include more modern formats of modeling, not just for more functionality, but for more interoperability with all NFT’s, their creators and other metaverses.

The two leading ‘container’ formats right now are VRM and USD, either of these would provide us with a large array of benefits, although VRM seems more focused on VR models and would probably be the best for DCL whereas USD is for high-fidelity rendering.

I propose we look into potentially adding VRM (Virtual reality model) or USD (Pixars open source model).

VRM/USD is a more flexible format which allows artists to add more shaders or multiple render layers inside the model object as a container. The .glb can then be taken directly from the container (base model) or generated via the transforms and shaders available in the container.

This would allow us to expand DCL models to many industry-standard creators, and help prepare us for VR model standards. Shader complexity is a concern for optimization but if we have limits similar to current builder it should be workable.

A great writeup on the metaverses wearable model files and interoperability:

We could have a third-party interface that reduces this down to GLB files and strips out unwanted shaders/processing (banned or maximum limits etc.)

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