Deploy NFT 3D models in DCL

Proposal: There is currently the ability to deploy 2D NFT art through the native builder. We even have wearables that are NFTs. But what if NFT 3D models could be deployed through the native DCL builder?

Motivation: Describe in three sentences why this is a good idea and the broad strokes of how it could be implemented

Right now in DCL, properties are barren, and at best have some of the native builder decorations deployed. This makes DCL feel cold, and doesn’t provide the customization of properties that would make the world more fun and personalized. The addition of NFT 3D models would provide a new opportunity to incorporate user owned NFTs. To implement this a tool in the builder like the 2D NFT picture frame would be needed, which would instead deploy the 3D model. This would enable creators of 3D content to design NFT collections which can be deployed on LAND.

Background: References to similar ideas or things, other features that have to be taken in consideration, how would this idea fix previous issues.

The closest analog would be the 2D NFT picture frame, which is widely used and one the best ways to personalize a property today.

Use cases: Narrate and describe how different users or personas would benefit from this getting implemented.

For LAND owners and district managers, they could deploy custom 3D models which have the ownership benefits of a 2D NFT. Imagine if you could buy a sports car NFT that you could park at your property. .gltf files can already be minted today on OpenSea, so it seems we just need the functionality to deploy them in DCL.

User stories: Succinct descriptions of goals that can be achieved if this gets implemented

I want to be able to upload my 3D model NFTs in world to encourage 3D model ownership as well as make LAND ownership more personalized. What better way to make your property more interesting and engaging than by deploying your own NFT models in it?


Have you ever imported .glb or .gltf files into the native DCL builder?

Because those 3D models can easily be deployed in Decentraland.

I’m not seeing the issue :thinking:

I have imported .gltf files into the native DCL builder. What I’m proposing is to import NFT .gltf files. DCL is not currently capable of importing minted NFT 3D models like it can with 2D NFT art. So that’s the novel part of this proposal: to import 3D models which have been minted as NFTs (which can be done on sites like OpenSea already today).

The problem with this, is if you don’t know how to add collision/rigid body to your 3D objects in your creator, when uploaded to the DCL native builder, your items can be passed through and don’t have collision.

There is always the ‘Invisible Wall Smart Items’ from the DCL Builder that can be used as colliders.

Accessible for everyone :raised_hands:


This is amazing! Thank you for pointing this out to me! =D