Multiple Beneficiaries for Wearables Sales

In builder after publishing, there’s an option to add collaborators. Does attributing collaborators simply acknowledge of their contribution? Or can this be used to distribute proceeds between multiple collaborators?

If it doesn’t function to split proceeds, is it possible to setup multiple beneficiaries for wearables to split proceeds based on percentage? Or are there plans to allow for this option?

I think having the option to apply multiple beneficiaries may be useful for at least two occasions:

  1. Collaborations
  2. In world venues (malls, gala, or events).

If multiple beneficiaries are not an option for collaborations:
a) if I set myself as beneficiary then manually split sales with collaborators, what if something happens to me (e.g., accident or illness)?

b) if collaborator is set as beneficiary, my understanding is the idea of owing someone money could potentially take a toll on the partnership depending on the individual’s mentality.

c) If I create a collection with 1 item per contributor to set each of us as a beneficiary per item, this increases the cost for collaboration and may have unequal earnings per quarter if one design turns out more popular than the other.

d) mint half to collaborator and half to myself, sales will be through secondary market. DCL denizens may consider this to appear sketchy when actually trying to be fair in distributing proceeds, hurting sales and reputation. This also defeats the purpose of owning a name to sell from a single store front since buyers would have to search listings to buy instead of buying a primary sale through searching the brand name. If people have a bias of buying from one source over the other, this can also lead to unequal earnings per quarter.

*The option for multiple beneficiaries, if available, would eliminate the risks posed by alternate options.