Linked Wearables Pre-Proposal Discussion

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My name is Anthony Liardo. I made an NFT project for CryptoPunks called Actual 3D Punks. Here’s more information about the project:

I don’t know if my wallet is connected to this forum or not but I’ll put it here:

My ETH balance is too low right now to even get 100 MANA for 100 VP for a pre-proposal, so I figured I’d post here. I want to submit a proposal to have Actual 3D Punks linked as a linked wearable. I read through the guidelines, and I see my project as a good example of a collection that the linked wearable system was made for in the first place. As is clear, anyone can create a DCL wearable, but the purpose of the linked wearables is to wear the more-official/more-rare NFTs that only holders of the NFT can wear.
My Twitter is @Actual3DPunks and part of my project launch is that Actual 3D Punks are only going to the owners of the legitimate CryptoPunk holders. I have had 28 CryptoPunks holders claim their 3D punks so far, and the number is still growing. I know there is interest in having the NFTs linked because I’ve had two punk owners ask about wearing the NFT in CV. However, after much deliberation, I’ve found out that CV has no plans to implement .glb 3D NFTs into their world, but I know DCL uses .glb. This is why I am going to the DCL DAO to make my first official proposal for linking my collections NFTs with your metaverse.
The NFTs are IPFS .glb files, and the smart contract (which is verified on Etherscan) has hard-coded (written into the smart contract) the URIs to forever be these .glb files on IPFS, and the URIs of the NFTs can never be changed.

As for the metadata: I put all traits in the NFT JSON objects, but when I made the NFTs I didn’t know about DCL’s linked wearables system. As the sole creator of this project (I wrote the smart contract and did the 3D art and generated the metadata), I’d love to collaborate with whatever 3rd party is responsible for interfacing metadata for linked wearables in the registry. However, I am not wealthy by any means and would need to apply for a grant if I’m responsible for any smart contract that needs to interface the metadata from my own smart contract. I believe the details about the linked wearables specifies that the DAO pays for costs, but it wasn’t very explicit so I wasn’t sure.

Thank you all for reading my post. I really believe it would be beneficial to everyone to link this project as a wearable, as it would get CryptoPunks owners who haven’t tried your metaverse to begin exploring. This could obviously lead to more revenue for DCL and the DAO as the potential 3,600 punk-owners each have a probability of buying a parcel or doing other marketplace activity (if they aren’t already).

I would love to discuss this more with members of the community in the comments!

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