Introduction - Fehz

Hi folks! As I introduced myself in the Discord server, I think that is the time to do it here now, because I think it would be a better place to discuss the topics that I have in mind.

My name is Federico and I’ve been following this project from the outside for a couple of years, because I personally know some collaborators and land owners. I’m introducing myself since I’ve managed to organize my free time in a better way, and it is my intention to get more involved and help this community in any way I can.

I’m currently working as PM in a media/data analytics company, but my interest in DAOs comes from my formation as a political scientist. Maybe I’m falling into a cliché, but I truly think that DAOs are the future of democracy and the -best- way to engage local and transnational communities.

I really hope to meet you all and to become helpful to this growing community!