How to sumbit DAO proposal?

may you navigate me how to submit dao proposal? It would be nice to have MANA burned at some rate.

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Good morning,
I believe the MANA spent by claiming a unique name is actually burned, though I was not able to find an enacted DAO proposal to confirm this, I’ve just heard this in conversation. Additionally, while the MANA from publishing L2 wearables is not technically ‘burned’ per say, it does not reenter the ecosystem in any large capacity. 33% is paid to curators, 10% is held to support Catalyst servers, and the remaining 57% is held by the DAO to support grants. All of these funds are dispersed in USD (stablecoin like DAI or USDC) So while its not a burn in the traditional sense, it is removed from the ecosystem in my understanding. [DAO: QmbruLb] Restructuring Wearables Submission Fees ← Source for thoughts on the wearables publishing side of things.

To start a DAO proposal, head to
From here, you would need to click the red "Submit a proposal’ button and choose the proposal type that best reflects your objective.

You will be presented with the following choices:

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Thank you for your time and assistance Frank.


Dear Frank, is the option available on the iPhone as well? I can not find the res button to add the proposal. Maybe I have to log in somewhere else than this forum? Or are there are requirements to make the proposal? As I said, the option in my Safari on iPhone is nowhere to be found. Thanks for assistance rendered.

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I don’t believe the functionality is there quite yet for proposals to be created on an Iphone. I just did a quick check and was unable to find the option. As far as I know you can only see progress/review the proposals/comment on your phone for now, if you are logged into your forum account.

I may not be 100% correct with this info and if anyone has information to the contrary, please chime in.

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