Free Amsterdam Buildings and Landmarks for Decentraland - Use them in your scenes!

Free Building Models of Real-Life Amsterdam for Decentraland

Welcome to my free building models repository, where you can find realistic 3D models of iconic buildings and landmarks from the beautiful city of Amsterdam, available for anyone to use and modify in their Decentraland scenes.


As an architecture enthusiast and a resident of Amsterdam, I have spent countless hours studying and recreating the city’s unique and charming architecture in 3D. With this repository, I want to share my passion and knowledge with the Decentraland community and help bring a piece of Amsterdam into the metaverse.


The models included in this repository are:

  • De Oude Kerk (The Old Church)
  • Two Canal Houses
  • One Bicycle
  • One Typical Garbage Container
  • Garbage Bags
  • Table
  • A Coffee Shop with Interior
  • Typical Amsterdam Pole and Streetlight

All the models are designed with accuracy and attention to detail in mind, based on real-life measurements, architectural plans, and reference photos. You can use them to create immersive and realistic scenes in Decentraland, from a coffee shop on a canal to a busy street corner with garbage bags and bicycles.

The models are available in popular 3D file formats such as OBJ, FBX, and GLTF, and can be easily imported into your Decentraland scenes. You are free to use them for personal or commercial projects, modify them, or share them with others.


To use the models, simply download the files from this repository and import them into your Decentraland Builder or other 3D modeling software.


The models can be used to create a variety of scenes in Decentraland, such as:

  • A coffee shop on a canal
  • A busy street corner with garbage bags and bicycles
  • A historical square with De Oude Kerk and canal houses
  • An alleyway with a typical Amsterdam pole and streetlight


Here are some examples of the models included in this repository in action:

An Amsterdam House scene, streetlights, and a garbage container

2 Canal Houses scene, streetlights, Fence, Bike and a garbage container

A coffeeshop, with interior and objects


If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions for new models, feel free to contact me or submit a pull request.


Make sure to read the License before you use this in your scenes, overall I’m just super glad to share this with you guys!
Amsterdam-Decentraland/LICENSE at main · injester/Amsterdam-Decentraland (

This is really great, Injesterr. I have felt DCL would benifit from a community repository of free-use (and vetted) models and music. Very cool!

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