DCL Land Rental Aggregator

Proposal: Allowing DCL users to list lands they own for rent on aggregators

Motivation: Indie event organizers in the Metaverse might have different land needs for different events, whether in terms of size, district or location. I think developing a rent aggregator that allows land owners to list their lands for fixed duration rent, which can provide indie event organizers with a wide range of affordable options without the necessity to buy different land tailored to needs of every event.

Background: Land in DCL is getting more expensive and scarce. Indie event organizers who have the skills and creativity needed are excluded from tapping in DCL’s potential due to high land prices. DCL already allows users to design scenes and upload them to land they don’t own by reaching an agreement with the land owner. This could be formalized as rent agreements. Indie event organizers can then design the scene and rent a corresponding lot or parcel for the duration of their events, which might be hours (music concert) or days (virtual conference).

Use cases: Independent Metaverse booking agencies can rent a different land for every concert according to the expected number of attendance. so they won’t need to buy a big land for big concerts and under use it in small concerts.
Indie music workers can curate big multi-days festivals by renting land and covering the rental cost by ticket sales and merchandise.

User stories: This will further democratize DCL by making events organization more feasible to a wide range of users, especially those coming from poor economies, not affording to buy land. This is will reduce compromising in event organizing, as organizers can seek lands that fits the size, district and location needs of their event. This will boost number and variety of events hosted in DCL.

land is much cheaper than it was 6 months ago and the DCL rental contract is under heavy development, so i would just wait for that

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