[DAO:tom7ue4] [Resubmission] Custom Spawn Locations

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Custome Spawn Locations


Instead of spawning only in genesis plaza, add a feature to spawn where you desire to.


@SirDropBear and a lot of community members would like to spawn in different locations besides genesis plaza. I think it would be great to be able to spawn at any place on the map.


Always spawning in genesis plaza can get rather boring and sometimes it would be nice to be able to spawn elsewhere. I imagine having a house on a parcel and being able to spawn there when I load the client so it feels you load into your home within Decentraland. Or even spawn at a favorite location.


If this proposal passes, the Foundation should implement a new setting on the Decentraland reference client. Such a setting would be called “Default Spawn Location” and it would allow the user to appear:

  • On Genesis Plaza (the current default)
  • On a custom location (which the user can decide)
  • On the last position where the user closed the client (which doesn’t sync across different browsers/clients)

See “Implementation pathways” below for more details.


Best case scenario, you can set a location to where you will spawn in. Instead of Genesis plaza.

Mid case Scenario: Being able to spawn at the location you logged off or last visited.

So many of the community love grinding various games and would love to spawn there.

Implementation Pathways

The reference client should have a new Setting, called “Default Spawn Position” with three options:

  • Genesis Plaza (0,0)
  • Last Position
  • Custom Position

If the third option is selected, then an input is enabled that allows the user to select one fixed position for their client to start.
The second option does not require the last position to be synced across different browsers/clients (it should be treated as a local setting, such as the sound volume)


This is a low-hanging fruit that would make many members of the community happy!

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I love the concept of this! I use the Marketplace and then “Land” option to jump directly into a specific parcel, and having this process streamlined would improve the user experience. My vote is yes!


Voting yes, tho I have one question regarding where to store the setting. The proposal says if using the “Last Position” the position data should be stored locally, but it doesn’t say where to store which “option” is selected (genesis plaza / last position / custom position). Should this value be stored in the profile? Or should that also be stored locally? Also if you ask me, I’d get rid of “Genesis Plaza” and let “Last Position” be the default (which the first time you arrive would be Genesis Plaza). At least that’s how it works on some mmorpgs i played.


Have there been any conversations about tangible implementation pathways for this proposal? Or is it simply a “Feature Request”.

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id think with the clien it could store locally for sure. Im not a programmer so im not sure. I do like storing on the profile tho.

Matimio makes a very valid point here!

I’m excited to see this enacted, but maybe we should zone in on exactly how this will be tangibly implemented.

I personally feel it should be an MVP solution, where players can choose to ‘opt-in’ to a customizable spawn, which they choose for themselves. If they opt-out, they will spawn in Genesis Plaza (similar to beds in Minecraft).

Spawning in the place you logged out would be super cool, but would require more work on the dev/server side.


i do like the opt in option :slight_smile: even just something in settings so you can set coordiantes as spawn? im not a developer so i dont know best practices. But what ever will work and allow us to spawn in other places will be fine :slight_smile: what ever the devs are willing to do. If they can do logout location then awesome if not, no stress.

[Resubmission] Custom Spawn Locations

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 12,682,190 VP (94 votes)
  • No 1% 2,603 VP (4 votes)
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[Resubmission] Custom Spawn Locations

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